Wheelies Direct and Marls and Spencers Cycle Insurance

by onlyonediane   July 5, 2012  

Today Wheelies Direct have quoted a like for like replacement for my Milani SL228 framest, the frame cost £2300 they have offered £1397. the frame was custom measured and painted bought from fMosquito Bikes. i have sent Marks and Spencers a accdent quote which is more than Wheelies Direct have offered. Also my handlebars ,campag shifters, bont shoes and helmet were damaged in an accident aswell. Aslso had surgery on broken wrist and arm to boot!

The question is has anyone had experience of making a claim and what was the outcome? i do not want a bike from Wheelies DIrect, rater support my local bike shop. I feel rather aggrieved if M & S do not pay out!

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Yes, I have - bike stolen but Wheelies Direct quoted me a more expensive one as like for like in my case! Like you I wanted to get my replacement bike from someone else, and I think you should have 3 options:

1) pick a replacement that Wheelies stock (they do have some lovely Scotts and Cannondales)

2) pick a bike from someone else (I did this, all I had to do was send my insurer a link to the shop's web page with the price on it)

3) ask for cash instead - they might well reduce the payout quite a bit in this case, probably because they'd get a replacement bike at well below retail.

My insurer was pretty relaxed about it, and I even got some bits and bobs replaced by Wheelies (pedals and pannier rack) while getting the bike from the other shop.

posted by msw [126 posts]
5th July 2012 - 19:00

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I had a cycle fit so the frame was made from my measurements, and then painted to my requirements. i am hoping they will meet my replacement quote. Sorry, Scotts and Cannodales do not do this for me.

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posted by onlyonediane [167 posts]
5th July 2012 - 19:26


No need to apologise.... as I said, if Mosquito (for example) can do you a written quote for a more acceptable like-for-like replacement then your insurer might well accept that and simply pay you the cash (minus any excess). That was my experience.

posted by msw [126 posts]
13th July 2012 - 23:59

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Just saw this thread. Wish you all the luck in getting like for like on a custom bike.

Insurance companies are not known for sorting out custom bikes at all. They don't care about you having special fitments, nor parts and paint and as for your accessories, you'll be lucky to get any of the value of your helmet, shoes, etc....

Your best bet, as said above, get quotes on a like for like from Mosquito and then go back and try to get as much as you can from M&S, because its custom painted and fitted, that will not make them push up the price, but i'd expect a little more than that from them. Depends on your policy, Age of the bike.....blah blah.

What would the frame cost without the custom parts and paint? Take that as your figure, as thats where M&S will be starting from. Then take some off.....thats what you'll be looking at.

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14th July 2012 - 0:55

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Insurance companies, as everyone knows, dont like giving you anything. From past experiences i now insure my bike for a lot more than its worth through a specialised company so in the event of a theft etc i can get virtually what i paid for it back.

There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

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14th July 2012 - 17:17

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Well the good news, M and S have accepted the quote from Mosquito Bikes and paid up for the replacements less the £50 excess. I am so relieved. The plaster is off, physitherapy to follow and hopefully in about six weeks time, I shall be able to ride the Brompton at least.

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posted by onlyonediane [167 posts]
14th July 2012 - 19:31