TDF stage 4 transfers

by happylemon   July 3, 2012  

My team is only showing 2 transfers for tomorrow's stage 4 but I only used one y'day (I checked) so shouldn't I have three today?

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Me too, hopefully they will rectify it soon as I was intending to make 4 transfers and am going out tonight...

posted by chrisdstripes [1719 posts]
3rd July 2012 - 17:49

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me too, should have 3 for wednesday

posted by thefatcyclist [584 posts]
3rd July 2012 - 18:22


This also applies to me, shoud have 3 transfers

posted by chieflordy [2 posts]
3rd July 2012 - 21:17


Me too, should have 3 transfers, saved them up specially, and boy do I need them...

posted by Rant [26 posts]
3rd July 2012 - 21:37



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posted by Dave Atkinson [7836 posts]
3rd July 2012 - 22:02

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should be sorted, let me know if not

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7836 posts]
3rd July 2012 - 22:13


Seems good now for me.

posted by chrisdstripes [1719 posts]
4th July 2012 - 1:39


sorted thanks

posted by happylemon [3 posts]
4th July 2012 - 8:09

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dave_atkinson wrote:
should be sorted, let me know if not

Dave, how many free transfers can we take over to the next stage? for example, I have three, can I take over three to tomorrow plus what I get for tomorrow? Thinking



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posted by Argy [147 posts]
4th July 2012 - 9:16

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Erm, while we're on the subject of things wot are broke...

When you click on a rider, it says what percentage of people picked him last stage, so Perter Sagan says 76%.


Mark Cavnedish, Wiggins, Froome, Cancellara etc. all say 0%.

Obviously that's not right, so I think its broken Crying

Sir Velo

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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
4th July 2012 - 9:40


I've got rid of my PG Tips . . . he's not having any luck.
Hopefully my new sprinter will win in Rouen.

J Andrew Hill

Its a marathon, not a snickers


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posted by JAndrewHill [1274 posts]
4th July 2012 - 13:57

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