VO2 Max testing and lactate testing; worth it?

by SideBurn   July 3, 2012  

I am considering getting myself tested. I am a bit of an anorak when it comes to the scientific side Nerd I like my training diary! I think I know the theory; but part of the reason for doing it is curiosity. I would consider it worthwhile if I get some sort of improvement in my performance. Has anyone been tested and had an improvement in their performance as a result of the data obtained?

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Your best option would be to get involved with a nearby sports science department and become one of their lab rats. Depending on the project it can be really good fun and you'll end up with a far better set of metrics than just a V02 such as %body fat, peak power and all that guff. If it's a good group they'll sit down and go through it all with you.

To be honest though a V02 or lactate test on it's own won't tell you much. The benefits come in when you start to compare different training methods or techniques to see which gives the greatest improvement. That means you'll need more than just one test to for it to be useful which isn't going to be cheap. Other than that it's just a number which points out just how unfit you are compared to the pro's.

Having done a number of projects and been stuck with more needles than your regular Glasgow addict i'd say it's the way to go. You'll get all your data at the end with a little interview. Way more useful and interesting than just a single test.

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3rd July 2012 - 13:25


Tests have to be done regularly to have any impact. My only experience of lactate testing is in swimming but I'd guess the principles are much the same. We had a computer system which would calculate training times for lactate threshold work. If you could find something similar for whatever discipline your riding in, that would certainly be beneficial.

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6th July 2012 - 20:18