CAAD10 opinions - versus Cube Agree GTC Race (both on 105)

by Shabs5000   June 30, 2012  

Looking at new road bike. Due to offer available i started looking at the CAAD10 which is currently £1000 for the 105 version. However, whenever i speak to anyone about it I get the same old stuff about the racing geometry. My LBS recommended a CUBE GTC race 105 for £1250. Now i only ride a couple (say 3 max) hours at a time. Is the more relaxed geometry and carbon really going to make that much difference to me? I never ride longer most rides are about an hour to 90 mins and/or the bike leg on a triathlon (oly dist max at the minute).

Just cant make my mind up on where to go on this. tried both bikes and tbh i'm struggling to notice a massive difference (although it wasnt back to back test). also, i believe if i get the 56 CAAD then it shoudl give more relaxed postion against the 54? (I'm a deffo 58 on the Cube).

Any thoughts/opinions genuinely welcomed!!!

btw - i know these are v different bikes/geometry and thats probably the crux of my question - does it make such a difference to me?

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Just get race geometry.

Different sizes sometimes do have different angles.

Twin 73˚s are traditionally popular.

Looked at Ribble?

Sir Velo

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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
30th June 2012 - 18:41


I have the Cube Agree GTC Pro with Ultegra.

It's comfortable - looks beautiful and rides like a dream!

Would I buy one again? you bet I would!

posted by Mostyn [430 posts]
30th June 2012 - 20:06


i've looked at ribble but a. where to start and b. i'm too far away/time hungry to visit the store so would be real blind buy. Suggestions?

posted by Shabs5000 [7 posts]
30th June 2012 - 21:32


The Caad10 is awesome, I did nearly 5 hours on mine today and it's plenty comfortable. Much better than other alu/carbon frames I've had. Unless you have no interest in going (or in my case just trying) at all fast then I don't see why 'racing geometry' is a bad thing - it'll likely come with a long steerer tube and plenty of spacers anyway.

posted by MattT53 [144 posts]
1st July 2012 - 0:26


caad10 owner here, rode the dartmoor classic on it (7 hours riding) the geometry is lovely for all scenarios. they give you lots of headset spacers so you can experiment.

the frame is superlight for alu 1200g tested and fork 410g. i have tweaked my caad10 a bit and got it down to 7.22kg.

ride both of them and make your mind up.

i had 2500 budget for a new bike and rode about 10-15 different bikes. the caad stood out my a country mile.

i love it see my pic in the riders bike page

posted by russyparkin [578 posts]
1st July 2012 - 8:26


Thanks all. Like i say i have tried them both and TBH to my untrained cycling ass, on a v short 'test drive' i'm struggling to see a significant distance - i know i know - cycling ludite!

what size do you guys rid e(and how talll/in seam). I'm 179 (5'10 1/2) with 84 cm ish in seam. was airing to 56 CAAD as feel i'm in middle of the 54 and 56 so believe going larger with give me more 'relaxed' version or geo? Is this right?

posted by Shabs5000 [7 posts]
1st July 2012 - 10:26


i ride a 54cm, with 110mm stem, and 2 spacers on top of the stem currently. im 5'10 and i run my seat height at 30 inches from centre of bb to top of seat. the bike flies, handles brilliantly. and as i say i dont feel it is excessively racey. its fast, seriously fast, climbs like scolded ninja.

posted by russyparkin [578 posts]
1st July 2012 - 11:57


Cannot comment on the Cannondale! But, should you buy a Cube Agree GTC Pro or Race, you'll need to go up a size.

I would normally ride a 54cm, bike, but in the Cube I needed a 56cm, bike. I'm almost 5ft.10 (very close) and the 56cm, Cube is just fine. I'm a 33in, inside leg measurement.

Confort is brilliant on the Cube Carbon.

posted by Mostyn [430 posts]
1st July 2012 - 11:57


I've got the Caad10 in 58, I'm about 6'1/6'2. Just see if you can try both sizes and see which feels best. (you can always try one of the other Caads or a SuperSix for approximate size)

posted by MattT53 [144 posts]
1st July 2012 - 23:00


Caad 10 gets nothing but good reviews.
Check the geo charts for sizeing.

Size up would give you more headtube length = Higher bars.
Plenty of spacers on top also.
You also get longer headtube with the bigger size, so may need shorter stem.
You should go with the biggest size that doesn't have to much reach if you want a relaxed geo.

I like a small frame with long stem and low bars so the opposite of you and a raceier position.
The stem length does effect steering feel.

posted by yamaha46 [69 posts]
3rd July 2012 - 9:00


My CAAD10 is great, feels fast and great handling too. I did the Dunwich Dynamo over the weekend, 120 miles all told with ride in included. Very comfortable over that distance, also great on hilly rides like King of the Downs. Wheel swap to RS80s helped with that.
Go try one again, also the 2011 version is almost the same as the 2012, so if you can find one of them, then that might offer a bargain. I'd been looking at the Cube, but by July last year they'd sold out in my size, I'm a 60cm for the CAAD10.

Cannondale CAAD10, Condor Terra-X and an orange Brompton.
Ride for East London Velo

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posted by zzgavin [208 posts]
3rd July 2012 - 13:36


i got the 2011 version with 105, for £850 Smile its been upgraded to vision aero wheels, ultegra, fizik, kcnc finishing kit with some ultremo tyres.(totaled £1400)seriously i cannot ratethis bike highly enough

rode so many bikes but this was the best by a mile

posted by russyparkin [578 posts]
3rd July 2012 - 18:25