Need advice on which area to stay in Mallorca. Looking for beach as well as access to possible road cycling adventure (I'll have to go alone or book day trip with ?, as hubby doesn't ride). We may also rent a car but someone told me bus services are cheap and well linked to the sites. Any advice about places to eat and see would also be welcomed.

Thanks! Oh, we are booking a last minute type of deal to visit in 1st or 2nd week of August for a whole 2 wks so we have time to play, relax and play again!



Blackhound [461 posts] 5 years ago

Porto Pollenca and Alcudia on the North East of the island are good with access to beaches and the mountains or flatter roads if you need an easier day.

You can hire an aluminium frame, carbon fork and 105 level kit for ~100 euro per week. We found transfers with bikes fairly pricy.

Loads of good riding and no shortage of places to eat.

Places like Palma Nova / Magaluf / Santa Ponsa are ok but decent riding is quite a distance away.

pepita1 [176 posts] 5 years ago

thanks for the info! Probably gonna be staying in Camp de Mar which is a long way from Alcudia.

festival [107 posts] 5 years ago

Anyone who has been on a cycle holiday to Mallorca and knows the island well would tell you that Camp de Mar and surrounding area is one of the worst areas to base yourself in for cycling.
Its a lovely area but to get out of town its basically straight up into the mountains one way.
To get anywhere else on the island you have a long drag along a busy road to Palma and through its extensive suburbs to get onto the kind of roads the island is known for.
If you are planning more than a couple of rides during the fortnight I would strongly suggest avoiding this corner of the island.
The opposite side of the island offers some great resorts but a bit remote unless you want to sit in the resort most of the time.
As an alternative to Port de Pollenca/Alcudia somewhere like S'arenal on the other side of Palma offers good beaches,restaurants, close to the airport etc and easier access to the rest of the island but still a short bus
trip to Palma. A lot of pro teams base themselves there as well as Alcudia but there are few UK holiday makers and its Magaluf like.

pepita1 [176 posts] 5 years ago

Well, I managed to talk my husband out of staying in Camp de Mar. Instead, we will be staying in Cala d'Or.
Does anyone know anything about that area?

I'm also looking to rent a bicycle so would appreciate any heads up on that front. My husband is not a cyclist so if he rents a bike it will be a hybrid or maybe a tourer, I would want a road bike, nothing fancy though...alu is okay, with clipless pedals. Also, if you rent for any length of time do you keep the bike in your hotel room?

So many questions. Someone should write a blog or book about cycling in Majorca! Ha! Maybe I will!

Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge!