Garmin v Bryton

by phax71   June 24, 2012  

Heh all

Ok, so pretty soon I'm gonna have to buy a new Bike Computer after recently losing the sensor to my Knog Nerd on the road somewhere in N.Wales ..

Anyway, I dont need bells and whistles just a basic GPS based computer and am considering a basic Bryton and a basic Garmin - links below:

They can be found cheaper elsewhere I'm sure and when the time comes I shall be shopping around in the manner of a poverty stricken tightwad ..

I'm just wondering if anyones using either of these and what their experiences are, or even better, if anyone has experience of both and is able to give me a comparison..

All input greatly appreciated.


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I've used both, the 200 review is on site:

20 review will be along presently Nerd

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7596 posts]
24th June 2012 - 14:53


The best thing about the Bryton is that it's ANT compatible, giving you the ability to add on HRM or cadence/speed sensors.

If you get a bit lucky, you can upgrade and get the Bryton 40 (which has a much better screen and some really useful training features) for about the same price as the Garmin 200. I got mine (including heart rate monitor!) for only £116! At that price, it was a very, very easy choice.

I love it. Works great, and Bryton have been rapidly improving/updating both the firmware on the device itself and the web interface.

posted by amc654 [32 posts]
24th June 2012 - 15:31


After a week with my Garmin Edge 200 I am very impressed. Good clear screen and user friendly. The only gripe I have at the mo is that during the rides I cant display the time along with other data. Which is a small price to pay for a good quality item I suppose.

I bought mine for £113.50 delivered from along with a free SMALL (old style) Garmin jersey and you can apply for £30 cash back off Garmin too at which will end in August I think.

posted by Marauder [254 posts]
24th June 2012 - 16:08


Davenport, any chance of a full 'bells and whistles' review of the Bryton 40.
By my reckoning you'd be the first. Can't find one anywhere.


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posted by _SiD_ [180 posts]
24th June 2012 - 16:59


GArmin 200 for £73 according to this thread on STW, don't forget Quidco.

Right shame for me with a brand new unused 500 to sell Sad

posted by Bagpuss [103 posts]
24th June 2012 - 18:12


The Garmin's are ANT+ as well!

posted by thekiwi [3 posts]
25th June 2012 - 1:50


Cheers all

Dave, on a personal (non advertiser friendly type vibe) ... which would get your vote?

Me, Myself and I

posted by phax71 [305 posts]
25th June 2012 - 7:14


thekiwi wrote:
The Garmin's are ANT+ as well!

Fairly sure the Garmin Edge 200 is not ANT+ mind.

Happy to be corrected tho.

posted by Marauder [254 posts]
25th June 2012 - 9:50


You're right, the 200 is not ANT+ but the 500 is.

posted by Bagpuss [103 posts]
25th June 2012 - 17:00


being slightly unhelpful perhaps but i have the 500, it is superb and the 200 is a stripped down version minus the ant.

its brilliant and most importantly links to strava which i find a great training tool as you have genuine targets to aim for and i dont think bryton have linked with it yet.

if your interested in heart rate and cadence(find the cadence not that important in hindsight)

then bryton is the way or squeeze the budget to and edge 500, handtec have silly prices sometimes

posted by russyparkin [578 posts]
25th June 2012 - 21:38


I can't comment on the Garmin 500 but the 200 connects to Strava too and after 10 days I am already hooked. I have uploaded 4 different routes so far and I find myself logging in and checking to see if anyone has recently done some segments and comparing to myself.

Don't quote me on this please but I have had a quick look and it looks like you can upload the data from Bryton devices to Strava but it doesn't look like you can do it directly from the device themselves. No doubt you will have to copy the data files to a PC then upload from there.


posted by Marauder [254 posts]
26th June 2012 - 7:16


you can upload to Strava from any GPS device that you can connect to a PC provided it stores data in the common formats (gpx, tcx &c.) which it is very unlikely not do to.

Since the Strava app seems unreliable on my phone I tend to use Endomondo to record the track then export and upload to Strava. Really only requires another couple of steps and this will be the same for any suitable connectable GPS unit.

Considering a new GPS computer myself after my trusty Garmin forerunner 201 seems to have developed an unwelcome habit of switching off when I hit a bump. Would probably stick with Garmin but the Brytons look quite tempting so I'd welcome a review.

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posted by joemmo [964 posts]
26th June 2012 - 7:45