Like a fool I was walking at the weekend with some friends, climbed over a gate, across the marked footpath, that swung off its lower hinge. I landed on my left leg and felt the knee cap skip around to the side. I moved it back into the correct place, taken to casualty etc. and am now wearing a brace like a large cricket pad and walking around with crutches.

Anyone know how long this is likely to take?


frankiejay [150 posts] 5 years ago

I have dislocated my kneecap three times.

The last time it happened I was six weeks away from a triathlon and I basically wrote the event off, but I rehabbed smartly. Three weeks after the injury I could swim, after four weeks I was back on the bike (which I'm assuming you're most interested in), five weeks I could start running and six weeks later I completed the triathlon.

The biggest thing you'll be dealing with is swelling and a quadriceps that's not able to respond like normal. Rehabbing the quad is absolutely critical. If you go to a Physical Therapist they will sometimes give you an EMG to show the level of muscle activity between your normal leg and your injured leg. Right now, the quad on your injured leg will have virtually no electrical activity, since it was hyperextended when your kneecap slid out of place, and it takes time to rebuild that muscle strength from zero.

As far as a bike prognosis, you could be back on the bike in a couple of weeks but this is an injury that, once it has occurred, can re-occur easier each time, so it's crucial that you rehab it smartly. I wouldn't get back on the bike until I have rested a week, done at least three weeks of rehab specifically for the quad, then I'd take it easy for at least another week. So, 4-6 weeks is likely.

Sniffer [486 posts] 5 years ago

Sorry to here about your injury. From painful personal experience re-occurrence is the main risk. I had both knees operated on many years ago after many dislocations. Strong leg muscles will help, but each time it comes out it is easier the next time. The good news is that surgery prognosis is good if it ever gets chronic.

Good luck.