New Road Bike recommendations.....

by Shabs5000   June 24, 2012  

Hi all,

I'm after some advice - and I know this is a repeating question so forgive me.

I'm looking to upgrade my old (ebay bought) Ridley bike for a new one. I am targeting circa £1000.

Based on what I've read my current options/shortlist is:

Boardman team Road £800
Boardman road team carbon £1150
Caad10 (105) £1000
giant defy1 £1000

I do couple of short mid week rides and a longer Sunday ride. Races are mainly triathlon (oly distance) but would like to have a go at sportives next summer. It will be my main bike so need for all year round and probably on the turbo too?

Current thinking is the Aly Boardman Team Road and spendth saving on a proper fitting??? thoughts?

Comments and suggestions welcome - thanks in advance!

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Caad10 105 for £1000? I would buy that before the seller realises it's been priced incorrectly! £1300 everywhere I look.....

posted by nickpeters [44 posts]
24th June 2012 - 12:32


I've got the defy 1 and its superb... its not the stiffest or lightest but the ride and handling is awesome.

if you buy any of the bikes from a decent shop they will throw the fitting in for free... therefore being able to afford a fitting with the boardman isn't really an advantage.

posted by ALIHISGREAT [113 posts]
24th June 2012 - 13:02


Are you aware that the geometry of the Boardmans & Cannondale is more race orientated than the Giant.The Boardmans are excellent in many ways but will give a slightly harsher ride than the caad 10.
The Defy's shorter top tube,longer head tube and longer wheel base make it more suitable for long endurance rides, having said that the Rabobank team use Defy frames in some races. As good a deal as the Boardmans are you can't beat the service you will get from a good LBS for any advice and help.

posted by festival [102 posts]
24th June 2012 - 14:02


thanks for the comments/opinons. I guess my issue with the LBS idea (free fitting and advice etc) is that the caad10 is an internet deal? So if i were to go LBS route the caad 10 and boardman's are out. which leave the defy or caad 10.

understnad the comments re geometry but the reality is i dont (at the minute) get time to put in much more than a couple of hours in any one go - at what point does the geometry difference kick in. basically, looking for best bang for buck all rounder? other ideas welcome!

posted by Shabs5000 [7 posts]
24th June 2012 - 15:42


posted by matt637 [52 posts]
24th June 2012 - 16:05


I would look at Cube as well - much better specced than most for the same money. Thinking

posted by GBoarder [6 posts]
24th June 2012 - 17:01


Thanks all.

Went to look at the Boardmans today and 1. ruled the carbon out as the paint (??) finish was terrible - all blistered etc. I know it doesn't effect the ride, feel mechanics but seriously poor finish.

The Road team 'looked' ok and on a quick ride felt fine too. Next is to try the Caad10 I guess - although i am airing on the side of spend more now and ignore the asving i could make.

on the ribble/planet x......what the best spec v price compromise? there's lots of bike on there!!!

posted by Shabs5000 [7 posts]
25th June 2012 - 19:40