inner tube, what psi is it rated to?

by dave95   June 24, 2012  

So I have some Schwable pv13 inner tubes that have been on the bike for a while.

What psi are these rated to, I can't see anything on this, for these or other tubes?

I'm wondering if I'm running them too low (at 100psi) with my Armadillos.

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Inner tubes will take as much as you want to put in depending on the tyres you are using.

posted by festival [106 posts]
24th June 2012 - 15:09


Always 120 psi. Cant go wrong.

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posted by samjackson54 [60 posts]
24th June 2012 - 15:15

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samjackson54 wrote:
Always 120 psi. Cant go wrong.

Well, actually you can go wrong.
Its accepted that there is an optimum comfort/performance level on average road surfaces.
As pressure increases tyres roll faster but at a certain point this levels off and brings negligible improvements e.g.the bike is no faster but more uncomfortable.
Of course road conditions,rider weight etc all play a part.
Basically,if the tyre is too hard it will loose energy bouncing off small surface irregularities.

posted by festival [106 posts]
24th June 2012 - 17:32