Centaur vs Chorus brakes

by Martin Thomas   June 18, 2012  

The thread in the adjuster barrel of my front brake caliper is shot so I'm looking to replace the whole thing - and probably the back one too as I don't think you can buy single calipers (can you?). My usual practice when replacing bits is to get slightly better quality gear than whatever it is I'm replacing - which in this case is Campag Centaur. So I'd be looking at Athena or Chorus if I followed this rule. I'm curiously drawn to Chorus but it would mean spending more than twice as much (£100+ instead of £40-50). So the question is: is Chorus worth the extra? Or even Athena? I've been quite happy with the Centaur brakes on the whole - could do with more stopping power and better performance in the wet but then couldn't we all?

Thanks all.

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i have centaur skeleton brakes i got on ebay(same style as the athena/chorus) from what i can gather the only difference in the skeleton range athena/chorus/old centaur/record etc is the top ones have adjustable spring tension.

the athena / chorus / record all have slightly lighter hardware so record will have a sprinkle of ti/alloy bolts vs steel.

the centaurs are a different shape obviously but are very good. my mate runs them and i have ridden his bike a few times and cannot tell the difference between the skeletons or the centaurs. they look realy nice as well

posted by russyparkin [578 posts]
18th June 2012 - 21:40


Thanks russyparkin - mine are skeletons too. I think perhaps it won't be worth the difference. After posting I remembered reading a Centaur groupset review from 3 or 4 years back saying it's almost indistinguishable from Chorus. Maybe I'll just save the £50 and buy a nice new jersey with it or something Smile

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posted by Martin Thomas [621 posts]
18th June 2012 - 22:27


torm have some beauties that go nicely with my campag gear Smile

posted by russyparkin [578 posts]
19th June 2012 - 21:02