David Hinde Wheel Building

by astrapower   June 12, 2012  

Has anyone had any experience with these guys?

I'm not one to name and shame but I'm having such bad service from them. Different excuse every time I call.

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Not used them, but that's because I've heard so many bad things about them on forums in the past!

I recommend Harry Rowland. If you want hand built wheels, I'd phone him for a chat about your requirements. He builds the wheels for Roberts Cycles.

two wheels good; four wheels bad

posted by cat1commuter [1424 posts]
12th June 2012 - 17:56



Rearrange to suit.

Many years since I had the misfortune. Hard to believe they are still trading.

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posted by ColT [255 posts]
12th June 2012 - 18:08

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I asked a similar question on the CTC forum recently and decided to give him a swerve. On the surface everything seems hunky dory but you dont have to go very far to find bad feedback. May i recommend Rick Green in Handforth? Im presuming you are in the north west somewhere.

posted by Some Fella [900 posts]
12th June 2012 - 18:32


I've got a set of his wheels. Good price, but took ages to finish them and get them to me, and after a few hundred miles they weren't very tight, and spoke tension was all over the shop - no better than I could build myself really.

LBS needed to finish them off, but now they're great.

posted by localsurfer [183 posts]
12th June 2012 - 19:02


Another vote for Harry Rowland - he built some super wheels for my tourer / commuter. Very friendly and helpful, fast turnaround too.

posted by danmitch [9 posts]
12th June 2012 - 20:07


A google search for 'Dave Hinde trading standards' should shed some light.

Their ebay account was removed after consistently leaving abusive feedback against dissatisfied customers whose orders were wrong, hugely delayed or not supplied (this and many other complaints have surfaced repeatedly on Bikeradar over the last few years). Their current ebay account has a fair few red marks.

+1 to ColT's post re. barge poles. There are lots of reputable people who deserve your money before those scumbags.

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posted by Simon E [2296 posts]
12th June 2012 - 21:57