Summer - oversocks or wet feet?

by notfastenough   June 8, 2012  

So the glorious British summertime is in full swing. For my ride on Sunday I currently anticipate a rain jacket and knee-warmers. However, my overshoes (like most) don't cling to the leg at the top, being designed for use with tights. If I wear them with shorts/knee-warmers, then 1. the rain will run down my bare calf and into the shoe, making them pointless, and 2. I'll look as odd as a lemonade sandwich.

So does anyone know of waterproof summer oversocks or should I just man up and get wet feet?

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If in doubt then always refer to Rule 5 -

See also Rule 9 to make you feel better

posted by Gromski [46 posts]
8th June 2012 - 18:00


Man up and screw the cleats straight into the soles of your feet.

You skin is protection enough from the elements.

Rule #5 to the max

Sir Velo

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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
8th June 2012 - 18:15


You should be working hard enough that any rain is a welcome refreshment.

posted by Nick T [901 posts]
8th June 2012 - 18:40


I find merino socks from endura are nice and thin but keep my feet warm even when wet.

posted by Psycling [52 posts]
8th June 2012 - 20:59