Two weeks ago, broke my hip on an easy descent. Bad break 3 months no weight bearing, devastated and really worried about long term prognosis. Anybody out there had same experience ?


dhague [26 posts] 5 years ago

I broke the neck of my femur back in January. 6 weeks non weight bearing (2 crutches), then 6 weeks partial (1 crutch). During the partial phase I started to do some easy turbo work, and at 3 months I started back on the bike.

The most important thing is to do your physio exercises religiously - treat them as a form of training and devote an hour or more per day to them.

There is an excellent and extensive thread that you may find useful on bikeradar:

All the best,

Coolvelo [1 post] 5 years ago

Hi Mate

Yes in exactly the same position as you! Broke the neck of my femur in March. Just coming up to 3 months now.

I was toe touching though from start and now 50% weight and using a Wattbike. Up to 100 Watts (hooray).

So far so good, but realise that a very bad break and can lead to necrosis etc. So until I can walk and use again as before hard to tell, but going well at the moment.

Just take it easy and heed advice.

Friend of mine broke his at 49 & then again 13 years later - he still managed the e2e 4 months after latest break - amazing.

But I am prepared for a limp and limited ability on bike from now on due to pain etc - could be worse though.

Raleigh [1667 posts] 5 years ago

You could get really good at cleaning your bike.

Bad luck though.

SideBurn [890 posts] 5 years ago

Fracture of a neck of femur is a broken leg not a broken hip! Speak to your Dr and explain your concerns, the Dr may not necessarily be unsympathetic. Getting back too soon is not great, I suspect the pro's who get back super quick are not doing themselves any good long term. I am thinking that taking up swimming could keep up your basic fitness and be good physio(I hate swimming) again your Dr could help! A fractured hip is a very serious injury you may just have to be patient. All the best; when you have cleaned your bikes, mine could do with the once over  4

Tony Farrelly [2930 posts] 5 years ago

Sea2Sea posted a link to this on Twitter http://www.revolutionsportsinjuries.co.uk/news-room/7-latest-news/33-tom...

it's about the rehab process of Tom Von Kaenel