Armstrong vs Contador: sour grapes

by purplecup   July 26, 2009  


Armstrong didn't go to Alberto's winner's do - had to meet his new sponsors. obviously it wouldn't wait

they didn't toast each other when the champers got handed round

they didn't shake hands on the podium

lance wouldn't answer questions about AC in his versus interview

happy with 3rd place, eh? yeah, sounds like it.

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so Contador wont be making it into Armstrongs team then..but i reckon them Schleck bros will.

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posted by Fringe [1097 posts]
27th July 2009 - 13:25


Ouch. see the stories this morning?

Contador: "My relationship with Armstrong is zero. He is a great rider but it is another thing on a personal level, where I have never had great admiration for him and I never will"

Armstrong: "Seeing these comments from AC. If I were him I'd drop this drivel and start thanking his team. w/o them, he doesn't win."


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posted by Dave Atkinson [7854 posts]
28th July 2009 - 9:24


Contador clearly was the best rider but he didnt do himself any favours with the attack that distanced kloden, the team protects the yellow jersey, even lance did when wiggo followed him.

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posted by Jon Burrage [1081 posts]
28th July 2009 - 12:12


There is a link to a Spanish article on the comic's website. Armstrong gone even further down in my estimation. Particularly the stuff about the Annecy TT! Contador rode the tour virtually alone, give him a full team support and he'll hopefully stamp the tedious Texan's record breaking 7 into the dust. (Actually I don't want that at all - the Indurain years got boring, Tedious's years were boring)

Thought this year's tour was very entertaining - the handbags between Thor and Cav. Waiting for the Astana implosion. When would the Schleks rattle everyone's cage; how many times would Menchov fall off? (perhaps Shimano need to bring out Dura Ace stabilisers just for him!) Then the emergence of Whinging Wiggins as a climber/GC contender. Roll on next year!

posted by radar [55 posts]
28th July 2009 - 19:41

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Funny how opinions change...well, mine anyway.

I've gone on record many times about my dislike for LA, but this TdF has totally changed that opinion. I see above that some see Contador as clearly the better rider, but I felt that LA showed he was clearly the better.

He never missed an important break, unlike Contador. He always saw and countered any threatening moves, and showed a few little flurries of how he can still climb, to close gaps after covering Brad etc.

LA really showed what an awesome tactician he is, plus after such a long break, his performance was outstanding. I don't like his personality, but to be honest I don't much like Contadors either.

Without LA covering the breaks and holding back on the climbs, I'm not so sure Contador really was the best rider. I too can't wait for next years Tour.

I'll never be an LA fan, but I really have discovered a true respect for his amazing ability as a grand tour cyclist. I hope we see him in some classics too.

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posted by DaSy [693 posts]
28th July 2009 - 20:35


I'm with you on that one DaSy. I've no special love for Armstrong either but there's no doubt that his third place this year was down to excellent race craft and a minute understanding of the way pro racing works. He may have lost time against the clock and up to the summits but he never lost a second because he was in the wrong place: that, in the end, was the difference between him and Wiggo.

Contador in the end won because he was simply the fastest, not necessarily the best or the most complete. but he'll be a better tactician next year: he'll need to be, because wherever he ends up, it won't be somewhere with the fanatical organisation at Bruyneel's Astana. And Lance? will he get quicker for next year? and the Schlecks? will they split? and Wiggo? he can't really get any lighter: can he get faster in the mountains?

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7854 posts]
28th July 2009 - 22:38


Yes, like Chris Boardman said: "This Tour only ended seconds ago, but I'm already excited about next year's." Who's going to be in Teams Sky and Radioshack? Where will Bruyneel and Contador end up? Will Astana be in the Tour? There'll be even more British riders to follow.

Oh, and I thought it was a bit rich for Lance to be pointing out to Contador that you can't win a Grand Tour without your team. Was the team protecting Contador on stage 3 when he was left on the wrong side of the split in the field? Was it surprising when he mounted a "spontaneous attack" on stage 7 and recovered the lost seconds?

And why do Lance and Bruyneel seem upset when Contador wants to keep attacking in the mountains? It is what he does best and loves doing. It is like training a greyhound then acting surprised when it starts chasing rabbits.

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posted by cat1commuter [1448 posts]
28th July 2009 - 23:18


Bizarre set up from the start, to be honest, which was never going to run smoothly but hats off to Lance for an impressive re-retirement and Contador needs to learn some etiquette - streets ahead of his rivals on the road, miles behind on being politic or graceful. Egos, who'd have one.

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posted by narch [120 posts]
28th July 2009 - 23:37


My first time to visit the tour, what an excellent experience, made all the more interesting for having the remarkable LA back in the game and meat head Cav spinning it up when required.

Managed some road and offroad in the alps, and spent countless afternoon hours in bars watching the final parts of the stages when possible. Even got 3 cycling caps from the promo caravan.

Its already been decided that a trip to see Le Tour should become an annual pilgrimage to all things lycra, hopefully with the completion of the etape thrown in as well as some flying on a soon to be purchased downhill ripper (the ransom got bent in all the wrong places)

When I read 'Its Not About the Bike' by LA he did come across as a bit of a tosser, but even so his determination and dedication are highly commendable. The word we need, I believe, is RESPECT.

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posted by gandberg [215 posts]
28th July 2009 - 23:49

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