Are Aero overshoes overrated?

by samjackson54   May 30, 2012  

I have heard many different quotes for how much time aero overshoes save in a TT, everything from nothing to 20 seconds. I am sceptical. Having used overshoes for the last two years, I havent used them for my last two races and posted two massive PBs.
It might just be some weird mindset I have going on, but I really dont like the way they look - for reference I had some £20 PRO overshoes which I have seen numerous top riders using.
What are they for and is there really any benefit? Or is my mind playing tricks on me and just liking the way my feet feel cooler and are shiny and silver (shoe colour) rather than dull and black. Thinking Any thoughts? Smile

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s'probably the weather.

Though I have heard that you TT faster in the rain.


Sir Velo

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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
30th May 2012 - 21:50


I have read conflicting opinions and seen estimates of 7 seconds in a '10' but I doubt one figure is representative.

Smoothing the airflow over the shoe is a good thing but increasing the area exposed to the wind will cause more drag. One suggestion I've read is to gaffa tape over sharp edges, another to wear superthin socks/tights and buy the smallest pair your feet can fit in. Neither sounds ideal to me.

I recommend you do whatever you are happiest with. Your mind is possibly the biggest influence on performance in training or a time trial.

Raleigh wrote:
I have heard that you TT faster in the rain.

There's an old myth that there is "more oxygen in the air" during or after rain but that doesn't mean the human body can actually benefit from it. However, the drop in pressure after a rainstorm and warm, humid air will help you ride faster.

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posted by Simon E [2367 posts]
1st June 2012 - 22:23


I have read a research paper which suggests they are slower (it was the Lycra type overshoes), however it's small on the rubber style.

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posted by AliBongo [7 posts]
2nd June 2012 - 8:55

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Tyres roll faster on wet roads also, less friction.

posted by Anthony.C [85 posts]
9th June 2015 - 19:00


Suggests they are better than an aero frame or a rear disc if you can do 48 minutes over 40 kms...

posted by crikey [1090 posts]
9th June 2015 - 19:23