Ever get that feeling?

I did last night, After reading this news article the other day /content/news/59201-vulpine-cycling-fete-ebay-charity-auction

I've been watching for things to be listed, Last night I noticed the Freshtripe Woodguard Wooden Mudguards, quite nice, but not for me. So I went looking around the link in the description and came across these.


They can be found here, just scroll down a little.


VO Mudguard Stay Mount - 4mm QR
Allows you to fit mudguards on frames
without eyelets - Mounts via the quick
release skewer

Clever little things that will allow me to mount mudgaurds to a couple of my racier frames if I wanted to, such a simple idea  4

What simple idea's have you come across that you thought "I wish i'd though of that"?

Nothing totally wacky and outta this world or outwith your lifetime  3 Just simple i.e. Not the Ford Model T  4


The Hoggs [3496 posts] 6 years ago

Whilst at University my brother designed a pair of glasses with a fibre optic attached to the glasses and then down to a video recorder attached to his hip for a competition ran by Sony.

Basically the idea meant you could walk around and record stuff without having to hold a video camera to your face all the time.

They said "very good idea, but beyond our capabilities".

10yrs later they now have something similar in production.

He did think of it but it never got him anywhere !!!!!!!!

Gkam84 [9119 posts] 6 years ago

Surely he has some sort of claim on that?  39