Does anyone recall the old triple triangle GT Forte Titanium bike circa 1998 / 9? I think it was one manufactured in association with Litespeed as the finish is 'bead blasted' as opposed to Sandvik (polished). By all accounts they are strong if a little heavy but are less superior to todays Ti frames. Any thoughts about value ex all components. A couple on a NZ auction site recently went for circa $900 NZ or 350GBP. To me this seems about right as adding decent groupset / wheels etc (all need replacing) will see it move over the 1k category. Thoughts / opinions appreciated. Thanks


dave atkinson [6351 posts] 8 years ago

I do remember them: weren't the later ones made in house at GT? not the stiffest (or lightest) Ti frame but prob a decent sportive mount, they're pretty well made but go over it with a magnifying glass to check for cracks...

value? yeah, £300-350 sounds like the right kind of ballpark to me.