I suspect this has been posted before but...

Just interested to get some opinions on using spinning as part of training routine.

Obviously had a look elsewhere online but get a bit of a divided opinion.

Cheap gym beneath my work place that offer free classes. I tend to commute fixed gear, for the reason it is cheaper to maintain and the bike is a bit of a wrecker so won't be heart breaking if stolen from London's mean streets. As a result evening rides can sometimes be a bit of a pain as have to go home change bikes, shoes etc. So was thinking of putting in a weekly spinning class - obviously prefer getting out on road but realistically not going to do this more than once/twice in the week as get home and get distracted.

So can spinning be a useful thing to do - obvious followed up with a 30 min commute. They offer 30 min, 45 min, and 75 mins. Guessing the longer the better as they do seem short.


notfastenough [3729 posts] 6 years ago

I think it's useful, and do use it (although more when the weather's bad or the evenings are dark) for intervals. The classes I have used are typically 40-60 minutes, but they are very intensive, so I think even 40 is worthwhile. (I've not tried 30)

There does seem to be a growing number of cyclists using them - identified by the padded shorts and cloppy shoes - you'll need SPD cleats to take advantage of this, otherwise it's toeclips/straps in your trainers as I do.

A note of caution though - the Kaiser M3 bikes typically used for spinning classes show a wattage figure on the display. I think it's BS, partly because it seemed a bit optimistic of my power output, but mostly because some service guy turned up to the gym and 're-calibrated' the bikes. More like he just tightened the nut marked 'resistance' as far as he could, because now the gear/revs I can maintain is entirely dependent on which bike I choose, whereas they all seemed fairly consistent (if over-estimating) before.

As well as padded shorts and a drink, I wear a proper base layer (you'll sweat a lot), take a towel and wear mitts to stop my hands slipping off the bars (see above re sweating!)

Have fun.

Canis Cibo [75 posts] 6 years ago

I've also gone to spin class when the weathers bad, or been time constrained, and found it useful. It's intense, I usually sweat soak a base layer through completely. The saddles are padded, but not too huge, I find. The classes I go to you're standing up/sitting down and leaning forward and back all the time anyway.
Having someone shout instructions, I find, is an easier way of actually doing interval training, without the hassle of traffic/hills/corners/cars obstructing what you're trying to achieve.

op1983 [45 posts] 6 years ago

Sounds like it is worth a try is tight for time or weather turns bad again - thanks guys - any other thoughts also appreciated

withnails [78 posts] 6 years ago

I'd echo the views above; spinning is a great work out but I'm not sure it is close enough to proper cycling to keep everyone motivated. If you have the space at home it may well be worth considering some rollers - they're pretty cheap and help enormously with bike handling, balance and core strength. Combined with a sufferfest video or similar you may find these to be more 'fun'.