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Includes full SRAM Cableset.
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Built around SRAM’s DoubleTap® technology, SRAM Rival controls offer a performance advantage that other competition level shifters can’t touch. With Zero Loss shifting front gears are engaged immediately. And, like SRAM Red, SRAM Rival has its front trim position on the big ring. Added cable routing options allows for both brake and shifter cables to run along either side of the handlebar. SRAM Rival also incorporates the popular reach adjust feature, which SRAM invented, and allows riders to customize their brake and shift levers. Now every rider has a choice on positioning their DoubleTap® levers.
• Proprietary DoubleTap® technology delivers smooth up- and downshifts in one motion.
• Ergonomic design is comfortable, aerodynamic, and hides all cables, while weighing only 320g.
• Carbon shift lever is light, strong, and comfortable.

• Weight : 320g
• Speeds : 10 rear, Double FC front
• Technology : DoubleTap® with ZeroLoss™ on the front
• Material : Carbon Brake Lever, Aluminum Shift Lever

£189.99 including UK postage.
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