Advice for a niche in a niche

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I've started a new build, a fixed Raleigh Courier rebuild in fact.

The forks are proper old, and upon contemplation, Ive decided to go for a disc brake up front.

So on the shopping list are:
700c Disc brake specific forks
Disc brake specific wheels, or hubs to put onto Open Pros
Disc brake calliper and rotor
Cable (mechanical)

I have literally no idea where to start, havibg never even ridden on disc brakes, but having been on the Internet all day (Study Leave Big Grin) I've built up a brand base. So far, I've come accross:

On One

So does anyone have any advice, tips or stuff to sell?

I'd really like to keep the spending between around £80 and £120, as I want to get this bike together for under the cost of the current Courier equivalent, the Raleigh Flyer, currently on the R website for 250.

Also, how do you get sticky cotters out?I've tried pretty much everything, to no avail.


Oh and last but not least, is there a way to remove a threaded headset without expensive tools?

Don't worry, Ive already played the bearings all over the floor game. Plain Face