Hello everyone,

so, the time has come to step up a level in the road bike world for me. Im after a better spec bike and ive got a budget of £1500.
Ive seen the Cube agree 2012 model with the ultegra groupset and im very, very interested.

Im not sure what to go for, the triple or compact. It may be time for me to step up a level in terms of bike spec, BUT, what do i actually need?


This is the model of been looiking at and will more than likely get,but i also have the option of the triple chainset.
Ive also seen the 2012 Cube agree GTC model and it also looks very nice, but im not sure if the spec is good for £1200 ish.

At present ive got a Specialized allez 16 with standard shimano stuff on it, so i can see anything being an improvement.

Your feedback would be very helpful




Lost faith in t... [116 posts] 6 years ago

There both quite high end aluminium frames but for that price you can almost get ultegra carbon bikes.

the easton wheels arent the best imo and are often quite heavy, especially aero ones.

id have a look at the trek madone rance £1500 will get you a carbon 105 spec bike where as if you save a little more you could get a 3.5 madone carbon and ultegra spec.

There is a lot of bikes out there mind you.

allez rikki [16 posts] 6 years ago

Ive had a look at the treks and there not really to my liking, i dont like athe colour schemes  7

I have just looked at the cube agree gtc pro, its got a carbon frame, ultegra parts mixed with 105 parts and some dt swiss wheels, and its only £1549!

I may have to look at this bike also.

What do you think?

Raleigh [1667 posts] 6 years ago

I agree, Treks are ming.

For that money, perhaps a Cervelo S1 frameset and Apex?
I know its Aluminium, but its the best you can get, and it was in the Pro peleton maybe 5 years ago.

Frame from Sprocket cycles is £800
Apex from Ribble is about £360
Wheels: Aksiums? Shimano RS10s?
Finishing kit-Solid stuff of Planet X probs, carbon bars maybes?
Tyres- Scwhalbe Ultremo R1s
Ubgrade brake blocks and cables- £30?

Worth thinking about.

allez rikki [16 posts] 6 years ago

Ive chosen the above bikes mainly beacause im impatient and really want a bike on 0% finance. The site im looking on is leisurelakesbikes.co.uk ive had 3 bikes from them before and their service is top.

I wish i did have 1500 in cash, as then i would probably get a bianchi, they are my favourite  1

Does anyone else know a website with a larger collection of bikes on 0% finance?


Raleigh [1667 posts] 6 years ago



ie; comes down to Stealth vs. Hercules SL