39 I'm have a league with a friend at work, twice this week we've been puzzled by scores for our teams at the Giro. On stage 6 Taylor Phinney was nowhere yet got 11 pts and on stage 7 he had Scarponi who finished 2nd and I had J-Rod who was 4th and both scored 30 pts ?


drheaton [3323 posts] 5 years ago

Phinney finished last on one stage netting 10 points, he was also still in the top 5 of the points competition gaining another point.

Without looking at it I'd assume that the reason Rodriguez and Scarponi got the same points would be that Rodriguez was fairly high in the GC at the time whereas Scarponi was not in the top 10. Also Rodriguez has been in the top 5 of the points competition for a while.