Hi i am going to be heading over to Paris for the grande arrivè of the final stage of the tour de france this year and as my girlfriend has no interest in watching the the tour i wondered if anyone else was going and maybe wanted to meet up to see the guys arrive on the champs elysees?
Also does anyone have any tips on where to get the best view and how early to get there! First time watching in Paris so any help would be great!

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manxfelipe [54 posts] 6 years ago

Went to the final stage a few years back and we got down to the Champs Elisseys at 7am to be sure of getting a place on the barriers (we figured as its a once in a lifetime thing it was worth the early start!  1

We went to Av Winston Churchill, which is right by where the podium is pulled out at the end of the race and there is a big screen and toilets nearby too so a pretty decent spot!

It's also worth 'befriending' any people around you who also got there early (easier to do if they're english speaking obviously) so that you can create a kind of 'human barrier'. This is because the locals have a tendency to get there later on (anytime after 1pm) and try to push in front of you to get on the barriers! You can also 'use' your new-found friends to keep your place should any of you need to go for a toilet break or something!  4

Anyway, it's a great experience and if Wiggins wins it will be pretty special to be there this year!

yann le coz [13 posts] 6 years ago

Last time I went to see Landis win  39 the crowds were big from early afternoon but you can still see the race quite well. A lot of teams were based in the porte maillot area which is only a few tube stops away if you have some time after the race. If you can't get near finish line, the top of the champs elysees is good as they slow down a bit to turn around. Finally if you have a bike, the road will be closed to traffic from early morning but bikes can go through! Not sure if this is still the case but well worth a try if you're there early.