Anyone got a set?

Any good?

How easy to fit / remove?


nellybuck@msn.com [168 posts] 4 years ago

I like them. Had a set of MK1 on my commuter bike and replaced them with MK2 following a crash. The MK1 seemed a little brittle, the new ones are better IMO.

Fitting is easy fairly easy and there's a video tutorial on the website which helps. Once they're on the look really good and are pretty unobtrusive. If you want to take off temporarily you can leave the fork/stay mounts on and just remove the guards.

I don't think they give quite as much coverage as a 'proper' guard but only marginally so and the trade off in weight and aesthetics means I'm more than happy to keep using them (and I live in South Wales so I get plenty of opportunity to assess them!)

malmesburyclarioncc [26 posts] 4 years ago

In my opinion better than race blades because in my experience, & I have both types, they are easier to set up so that they don't rub on the wheel. Not a big faf to set up, took about half an hour to fit complete set. Definitely kept both the bike and myself cleaner. Reasonablely discrete on the bike. Will use them next winter, although should probably still have then on now.

Super Domestique [1596 posts] 4 years ago


I went and watched the video after your post and fitting looks a right load of hassle but I can see once on they'd be ok.

I don't commute so it's training/winter bike they would be for. Just got a mental barrier when it comes to mudguards I am trying to get over  13

vorsprung [280 posts] 4 years ago

Are they good? You mean how well do they keep off the muck and wet? Very good compared with permanent mudguards. Much better than the old SKS Raceblades

How easy to fit? Fairly simple compared with permanent mudguards. SKS Raceblades clip on much easier however. Fitting ordinary full mudguards: 30 minutes to an hour. Fitting Crud Roadrace, up to 20 minutes. Fitting SKS Raceblades, 2 minutes or less

The only other comment I'd make is that I'm on my second set. The last ones maybe did 2000km before bits fell off and they broke. Note that I have bought another set, they are well worth it IMHO

Linky to blog about them: http://audaxing.wordpress.com/2010/10/06/crud-road-racer-mudguards/

Simon E [2681 posts] 4 years ago

I'd not bother with standard Raceblades. They don't cover enough of the wheel to keep the cr@p off me or the bike.

Raceblade Longs might be better, PJ's review of them is here: