I've been browsing their website this lunch time (dangerous I know) but I still can't make head nor tail of the vast range of different tools they currently offer.

Obviously they all come in various different sizes with various different tools but there are far too many models which all seem to do roughly the same things and cost very similar prices.

What is the difference between these ranges?


Is one better than the others? or do they just do different things? If so what?

Confused of London.


GBoarder [6 posts] 6 years ago

Confused of London,

If you google (or alternative) Lezyne - then under products - Multi tools - you can scroll through the range.

Some are light weight, some budget, with varying different sizes in each of the range.

Agree with you it's a bit confusing, but I would decided what tools you need then select the one that best fit's your needs - weight - size - cost etc.

Not sure it helps - but they do look good........

dave atkinson [6367 posts] 6 years ago
the horse's mouth wrote:

SV = stainless vanadium metal - machined toolbits – will not rust.

V = Crome Vanadium metal machined tool bits – corrosion resistant but not as pretty to look at as SV. Bit tougher however due to metal type.

CRV = Crome Vanadium machined tool bits – but with chunkier forged side plates than the “V” tools.

RAP = more affordable “wrap” Crome Vanadium machined tool bits. Bits don’t sit as well next to each other as the Machined tool bits. Work fine but tool will twist more easily under loads. Good tool at a price.

Mr Will [91 posts] 6 years ago

@Gborder - I did have a look at the site, that was what prompted the question! While it is very good at listing the features, it's not very good at listing the differences and when the prices and specs are so similar, it all becomes a bit of a blur!

@Dave - Perfect, that's exactly what I was looking for! Think I'll pay the ~£2 extra and go for the V/SV 5 rather than RAP6.