Right, its been a number of years since i've done any "racing" I've just been doing sportives and avoiding anything club wise and not being a club member as i mentioned in another thread, i haven't got the foggiest anymore about licence's.

If i remember correctly, we used to just bulk order them through the club by giving our details and money. I've never had to order one myself and since i don't even have a British cycling membership anymore, i take it i'm going to have to invest in that aswell?

The reason i'm asking, is i liked the sound of this /content/news/57794-fancy-trying-some-cycle-racing-difference-next-sundays-shred-classic-round

I wouldn't make it down there anyway, but i went and looked into it, seem's i'd need a licence.

So if i wanted to get back into racing, would i just need a BC membership and a licence or am i going to have to sign up to a club again?

Also, how do you get classed these days? Do you start out as a Cat 4?  39


CakeEatingMonster [11 posts] 6 years ago

Yup, you'd need BC membership, and then a licence on top of that. To the best of my knowledge all of the BC "racing" level memberships come with a free provisional licence, but you need a minimum of silver membership to hold a full licence. Additionally, racing on a provisional will mean that you sometimes need to buy a further day licence to race, and will score no points should you happen to place.

A full licence costs £36 ON TOP of your BC silver or gold membership. It's worth talking to any local clubs though, because I think in a lot of cases you can get a discount when you join BC through a club. This may only be for first-timers who have never been BC-registered before, however.

In terms of classification, you're right, you start out as 4th Cat. Once you score 10 points over the course of a single season, you're promoted to 3rd. Once you reach 3rd, then you're never relegated back to 4th, regardless of how many points you score. 3rd to 2nd requires 40 points. If you don't score 25 points over the course of a season as a 2nd cat, then you're relegated. 2nd to 1st is 200 points (and requires 100 to retain). 1st to Elite is 300 points, etc, etc.

I'm looking forward to the Shred myself. I'm signed up, though knowing the quality of some of the riders, I'm fully expecting to get my backside kicked all over!