Flanders road bikes

by stanfree   May 7, 2012  

Hi folks first post here and just looking for some info. Im a mountain biker who has been looking for a road bike for some time. I was going to get a cycle to work £500 bike but funds are low.
Anyhoo my friend has offered me his dads Flanders road bike for £150 , I've asked for some details as drivetrain , size etc but Im actually having difficulty getting any info online on the make.
Can anyone help .?

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A quick Google search gave me this, but can't comment how accurate it is

posted by Super Domestique [1674 posts]
7th May 2012 - 21:44


Thanks for the link , its the only thing I could find on google as well. Im going to buy It as it has shimano 105 sti shifters and is my size so seems a bargain for £150 for a first foray into road bikes.

posted by stanfree [21 posts]
7th May 2012 - 22:49


If its got 105 shifters and maybe shimano other parts then i'd get it just for those, if its 105 all over, thats a bargin Wink

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posted by Gkam84 [9273 posts]
7th May 2012 - 22:55


Flanders http://www.flandersfietsen.be/cms/ have been "making" bikes in Belgium for at least 20 years. There are some ordinary frames and some very good frames with the Flanders name on.

Why do I know that, well I bought this NOS Colombus SLX aero tubed Flanders frame a couple yrears ago:

Then built it up with Shimanp Ultegra 6600 SL and ridden a few thousand ks:
Currently weighs in at 10kg with powermeter. Had it well below 9kg with matching Ultegra 6600SL wheelset, lighter seat and stem. About to move over to Campagnolo Athena + Centaur 10 spd shifters.

*** images as links, because while they are not big, they do break the layout ***

posted by nickobec [261 posts]
8th May 2012 - 11:49



Ok so It's not a thing of great beauty , but for £140 with Ultegra front and rear mech with shimano St105 shifters It's a start.

posted by stanfree [21 posts]
10th May 2012 - 9:25

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i ride 2 bikes, one is a slightly fancy cannondale, one a 1990's steel beast. i often show the venge/ s works boys how to climb and descend with the 12kg beastie! point being its not the bike that matters so much. its the lump of lard on the pedals. enjoy riding it. looks awesome!

posted by russyparkin [578 posts]
11th May 2012 - 19:16


Enjoy the new bike.

posted by Super Domestique [1674 posts]
11th May 2012 - 21:32


Thanks for your comments , just buying some new bar tape , saddles and tyres . Will need to source some spd shoes and pedals but looking forward to getting on the bike after my collar bone op.

posted by stanfree [21 posts]
13th May 2012 - 15:21


That's a brilliant starter bike! As others have said, get out and ride as its the rider not the bike!

posted by meehaja [27 posts]
13th May 2012 - 18:38


stanfree wrote:
Thanks for your comments , just buying some new bar tape , saddles and tyres . Will need to source some spd shoes and pedals but looking forward to getting on the bike after my collar bone op.

I am sure there will be a list of suggestions on saddles, tyres, etc if you need them.

posted by Super Domestique [1674 posts]
14th May 2012 - 16:44


FWIW Flanders is a bike brand commonly sold by one of the big French supermarkets

Make mine an Italian with Campagnolo on the side

posted by monty dog [412 posts]
23rd May 2012 - 21:25


Well sadly mine appears to have 2 cracks on the headtube so Im now in the market for a cheap replacement frame . Crying

Im not overly distraiught as got some money back from the previous owner and in truth was going to replace the frame fairly quickly anyway.

posted by stanfree [21 posts]
23rd May 2012 - 21:34