Hi there. I've been putting together a Strava Viewer application for my phone to try and plug some of the gaps in the current Strava experience and would be interested in any feedback/suggestions.

The 2 main things I wanted to achieve are:

1. View all of my segment placings (not just KOM's).
2. Get alerts when my placing on any segments changes or new segments have been created.

So I've implemented those as well as lots of viewing of sortable ride/segment/map/elevation data including caching it all off-line.

I've put a blog post and video together that goes into a bunch more detail available here: http://www.triballabs.net/2012/05/strava-viewer-for-windows-phone/ (yes, it's just on the Windows Phone)

Please let me know what you think of the functionality.


dynoben [3 posts] 6 years ago

now see http://stravaviewer.com for web based view of your entire strava segment history.