Cyclocross skinsuits

by kayakboyuk   May 1, 2012  

I've been looking for a Castelli cyclocross suit like this one:

Very neat with some leg warmers. But I can't find it other than in some blogs/press. I tried emailing Castelli but no reply.
Any ideas?; or is it just another expensive one shot vanity project like their San Remo suit that no can buy?


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As the article is from 2010, you might not find it.

Have you looked at the custom shop from Castelli? They look similar

And here is another blog write up, that shows a picture just like the link above

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posted by Gkam84 [9000 posts]
2nd May 2012 - 1:30


Thevuk distributor for castellated will be bringing these in to the uk this year. They are part of the winter collection so should be here in August/September time

posted by Scottyroyal [19 posts]
2nd May 2012 - 19:08


Well I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Thanks for the replies

Only good at sitting-down sports

posted by kayakboyuk [41 posts]
3rd May 2012 - 12:56