unshiny bike :-(

by jonomc4   May 1, 2012  

So sit down grab a brew and let me tell you a story (and a warning)
I have been building a new road bike myself from scratch - Wednesday two weeks ago, I had everything in place (De Rosa frame, wheels cockpit etc.) I just needed to order in the groupset. I went for the Sram Force with a Sram red BB30 chainset. So I dutifully checked out prices and found Shiny Bikes was offering a good deal and fast delivery (next day) - I wanted to build my bike that weekend and was a very excited chappy. Sadly the delivery didn’t come that weekend – I was mellow about it but disappointed – I figured it was the usual Parcelforce laziness – so much for the next day delivery!
By Wednesday the following week I was more than annoyed that the delivery had not come – so I rang Shiny Bikes – apparently they had packed my order wrong but had forgotten to repack it. My call helped remind them they don’t only have to take my money they also have to deliver the goods (problem 1). So I called them the next day to confirm they had delivered it – yes and it would be with me for Friday – yippee. I took Friday off work so I could take the delivery and build the bike overnight and get the BB fitted at the LBS (the bottom bracket is one area I am not going to pay for the tools for).
By 6pm Friday I was sweating – still no groupset! So I called parcelforce – apparently they had a 4 hour powercut in their Coventry office so were unable to deliver that day - go figure? (problem 2 – was a Parcelforce error but hey Shiny Bikes use them – it wasn’t my choice). So there then followed a 2nd weekend with no new bike – and my chance to get it to the LBS to get the BB fitted.
As I was absolutely guaranteed delivery for Monday – I took Monday off work, again, so I could build the bike and get it to the LBS for the BB – things were desperate now as I had a £100 bike fitting arranged for Tuesday. Sadly the delivery didn’t arrive till 6:15 pm so the LBS was closed and I was going to miss my fitting (problem 3). I had to cancel the bike fitting (luckily for me the place doing the fitting were understanding and didn’t charge me a fee (thanks guys).
Anyway I thought – at least the groupset has now arrived so I can build the bike and maybe persuade my wife to take it to the LBS for the BB. I stopped eating when the delivery arrived and flung open the box – showing everyone in my family my new toys – sadly one of the toys was missing – shiny bikes warehouse had once again come to the fore and forgotten to deliver the BB (problem 4) well I thought at least I can build up the bike to a reasonable degree and then get the BB fitted a couple of days later. But Shiny Bikes hadn’t finished yet with their ruining my day – whilst checking through the order I also discovered they had sent me the wrong cassette and 11-25 instead of an 11-28. (problem 5).
So I called them back this morning – “so sorry” they go, we will fix it all. A bit later another call – sorry we have run out of Bottom Brackets and it will take a week to 2 weeks to restock (problem 6) – I have seen how fast their next day delivery is – if they think something is going to take two weeks I will probably be drawing my pension before it arrives! Then just to cap it off they have also run out of the cassettes (problem 7) – this they say they can get in the next day and will post ASAP – I wait with baited breath - NOT! It is incredible that they can allow themselves to run out of stock in the first place but then to sell what they don’t have in stock to a poor punter like me (who pays immediately) is disgraceful.
Just so you know I went to “HighonBikes” and got a replacement BB – I have ordered about 15 things from them and they really do deliver the next day (and it is free). I have a feeling Shiny bikes needs a new warehouse manager – maybe someone who can read and count?
I have bought hundreds of items on the internet, never before have I know such a catalogue of errors if it wasn’t so important to me I would have laughed. Anyway so many errors, I figured they would at least make it up to me with a discount – they did offer me a discount – yeay! 1.3% - Booo! Basically I got the cost of shipping back (which I am sure they are getting back themselves anyway) I have had bigger total discounts in a sweet shop.
I am not one of those angry people but in all honestly I feel like I have been treated like dirt and it has really made the whole new bike thing change from an exciting experience to total misery and a lot of additional cost (I don’t get paid for days off – so I lost many hundreds) a cost that is worth it for something like a new bike but not just to sit at the door waiting for the postman. I have always received excellent service from a myriad of bike sellers – I feel fellow cyclists look out for one and other – Shiny Bikes may be a symptom of the growing popularity of bike – we now have our first person who acts like a second hand car salesman – all in all very depressing. Maybe you have had a good experience with them – I for one will not bother shopping there again! I am going to need to get on my new bike just to dissolve the unhappy memories of what they put me through.

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looks like a when it rains it pours moment. stick to high on bikes or someone else youtrust,wiggle etc. wouldnt use shiny bikes as they seem 'to cheap' if you know what i mean

posted by russyparkin [578 posts]
1st May 2012 - 22:27


Use your local bike shop! Or lose it!
Especially if you have take your bike to get parts fitted because you cant

posted by cannonsi [6 posts]
1st May 2012 - 22:37


i have more tools than my local bike shops, and the one bike i have bought new, has been riddled with problems the shop cant fix. and then when i saw them double handed tightening my handle bars i asked why they were not using a torque wrench, the mechanic looked at me like i was on crack.

my local shops are run by business men on for a quick buck on the ctw scheme.

i wouldnt trust them with a bike i dug out of a skip.

a prime example, a mate took a shifter in to get it checked out. the mechanic couldnt fix it with his adjustable spanner(no shit) charged him £12.50 for looking at it. i spent 2 minutes looking at it, found a small piece of plastic blocking the mechanism, low and behold it works now.

posted by russyparkin [578 posts]
1st May 2012 - 23:18


got to say I have used my LBS quite a bit - I have spent about £600 on parts with them in the last 4 months.

But this new bike was a major purchase and I was on a strict budget. But by shopping carefully I was able to get the bike which would have an off the shelf price tag of about £4,200 (including accessories) for £2,700.

To be fair I think out of a whole bike build getting someone to put the pressfit BB30 is not a big ask!

But I have really enjoyed spec'ing the bike and then building it myself. I read the manual and watch videos on you tube etc and then go do it myself in the garage. It has been real fun and also a great excuse to buy all the tools I need (BB excluded - but really over £100 just for one job?).

I also think that although I have less experience - I take 100 times more care as it is my (p)ride and joy. so if something is even 1mm out I undo it all and start again. Additionally I have a bike with the exact parts I want not what is given to me.

I was able to save about £300 by using Shiny Bikes of RRP - now it doesn't look like such a good save (esp as there are many others who sell at the same or very near their price)- but it has been the only negative experience of the whole build.

posted by jonomc4 [26 posts]
2nd May 2012 - 0:04

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In future (though hopefully you and you new bike will live happily together for many years) I'd recommend Merlin for groupsets. I've ordered countless parts and other things from them (including full groupsets) and they always deliver quickly and, crucially, correctly. they have good customer service too (quick to answer emails) and I've not found anyone cheaper for a full groupset yet.

Good luck with the build - hope you get to enjoy it now!

posted by step-hent [716 posts]
2nd May 2012 - 10:25


You pays yer money, you takes yer choice. Shiny bikes seem to have some great prices, but I've always they must be scrimping on something to be able to do it. Unfortunately, it's usually customer service that goes first!

posted by chris75018 [101 posts]
2nd May 2012 - 10:53


I used Shiny Bikes for the Zipp 303's I bought and they were spot on, no complaints at all. I've used wiggle also and had no issues when returning things which weren't quite right.

But I can sympathise with the OP sitting around all day waiting for Mr Postman.

As for LBS's some a shit hot some are hmm, not so good.... Same as websites!!!

posted by mikecassie [30 posts]
4th May 2012 - 16:42


Wish i had read this before i ordered something last week. Have had no confirmation, no delivery, not returned the answer messages or responded to email. Had to resort to opening a paypal dispute to get a response. I will never get stuff from them again and will tell everyone i know to avoid them. Hard to believe that such crap customer service still exists Crying

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posted by richdirector [59 posts]
23rd July 2012 - 11:14


I'd heard a few horror stories about Shiny Bikes, but when I needed a few bits (significantly cheaper than elsewhere) I called them up and asked if they had the bits in stock. The nice lady went off and checked, came back and confirmed they had stock and could send it out the next day, and that's what they did. No complaints at all, polite and efficient service.

posted by tomisitt [54 posts]
24th July 2012 - 17:19

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Forgive me my naivety but shiny bikes who are they, and why not mention there trading name if you have a genuine complaint they can't sue you.


posted by FATBEGGARONABIKE [723 posts]
24th July 2012 - 19:58


Ahem. That *is* their real name.



posted by stewieatb [299 posts]
26th July 2012 - 17:24


They are literally across the road from me. I pop over to buy tubes every so often. Should given me a shout, would've been quicker for me to send the stuff to you!

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing..."

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posted by Cooks [522 posts]
29th July 2012 - 20:40


I'm having a similar problem with them right now over a pair of Assos bibshorts. I keep having to contact them, rather than they contact me to explain why they have had my money for over 10 days and they still can't tell me if:
1. the shorts have actually been sent out
or 2. they were out of stock and none went out

Manager said he would ring me back in 1/2 an hour and I am still waiting for his call three days later.

Highly NOT recommended! At Wits End

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posted by oilymoyle [18 posts]
6th April 2014 - 20:49


I would say don't use them. Had bad experience with them. Money taken but product doesn't arrive. Only answer emails that suit them. Said would refund credit card but didn't. Absolute rubbish and just don't seem to care about customers

posted by Wingit [4 posts]
29th June 2014 - 19:41


This has been a sorry saga to read. It reflects the notion that a happy customer tells say 2 people but an unhappy customer mentions it to 5 people, ie, a lot more (there are some accepted numbers here but my business studies are a bit of a distant memory). I am surprised we do not exploit the collective bargaining available to the large population using this site; individual experiences of price and service could be logged on a supplier database fairly easily on the site - which would provide the leverage on the suppliers.

Sorry OP had such a poor experience but hope the finished article has made up for the obvious frustration!

posted by NickK123 [93 posts]
29th June 2014 - 20:42


Wingit wrote:
I would say don't use them. Had bad experience with them. Money taken but product doesn't arrive. Only answer emails that suit them. Said would refund credit card but didn't. Absolute rubbish and just don't seem to care about customers

[[[[[ Shocking! I'd post them a snailmail envelope (empty), but headed up as "SHITYBIKES".
And sign it: "Another dissatisfied customer!".
And then send them a duplicate every day for a week.
Maybe then they'd start to pay attention? Grrrr...


posted by PhilRuss [328 posts]
29th June 2014 - 23:07


I used them once and I won't be using them again. Long story short - ordered a new groupset, faulty shifter straight out of the box. Rather than replace with a working lever from stock, they acted as the middleman in a warranty claim. After much misinformation, poor communication and general lies, I contacted the Campag warranty place myself and had the problem resolved within a couple of days.

Since then, I've always paid the extra few quid and used Ribble, Merlin and Wiggle - they're actual companies who care about customer service, rather than a lazy twat in a barn, which is what Shiny Bikes appears to be. Oh and their new website is woeful.

posted by srchar [87 posts]
30th June 2014 - 0:57


Similar bad experience with them, order placed, goods in stock, money taken from Paypal account. No goods delivered when promised, nor a few days later, phone calls not answered. Finally got through only to be told that they no longer supplied the item I ordered. Refund offered and eventually paid back into my account. I will never use them again.

posted by Welsh boy [247 posts]
30th June 2014 - 20:40


I've never had a problem with any of the internet mob, including Shiny bikes.

Though I suppose they must get most of it right or they wouldn't make any money!

All Campag

posted by Flying Scot [856 posts]
30th June 2014 - 21:14


You get what you pay for...... I have worked in retail for years and they didn't have the stock when you ordered it and made shit up to buy time until they sourced it. There probably a reason why you got no BB (which normally come with SRAM cranks BTW) and the wrong cassette, IE they never had them at all.

If you can't beat people with service then beat them on price.

Next time support your NBS and spend the extra, some of us actually still care!

posted by Nzlucas [119 posts]
30th June 2014 - 21:53


Fantastic words . Made me smile

posted by Wingit [4 posts]
1st July 2014 - 19:39


Love that idea. Come on brothers

posted by Wingit [4 posts]
1st July 2014 - 19:40


Nzlucas wrote:
You get what you pay for...... I have worked in retail for years and they didn't have the stock when you ordered it and made shit up to buy time until they sourced it. There probably a reason why you got no BB (which normally come with SRAM cranks BTW) and the wrong cassette, IE they never had them at all.

If you can't beat people with service then beat them on price.

Next time support your NBS and spend the extra, some of us actually still care!

Yep. As soon as I read the bit that went ... "I went on the internet and found the cheapest" ... alarm bells were ringing for me.

Happens all the time. I was recently interested in a pair of high-end sunnies. Found them cheapest by far at a place called 'bikeinn'. Then I Googled "bikeinn reviews" ... and bought them from Evans at a higher price.

There's no lack of info on peoples' experiences with Shiny Bikes either.

posted by Joeinpoole [433 posts]
1st July 2014 - 20:31


2 outta 3 experience for me with Shiny Bikes.
Two orders fine delivered within 2 days
One they took money for but did not have in stock & as it turns out didn't even have in stock when i ordered but the system never said it didn't nor does then spent over a week on the phone everyday to discover this & eventually get a replacement item.
Cheap & very often cheapest they are but wouldn't be my first go to for anything & now anything mechincal I support my 22 mile away local bike shop who are not cheap in comparsion but second to none on service & really quick service

posted by bfslxo [153 posts]
2nd July 2014 - 13:56


I get the impression that Shiny Bikes is run by one bloke out of his shed.
It took me a week to get through to them on the phone when my order didn't come through immediately and then it was missing a piece. I got everything in the end but I'm not sure that the hassle was worth the £25 I saved by using them.

Ah! Condor

posted by Bedfordshire Clanger [345 posts]
2nd July 2014 - 18:24


Bedfordshire Clanger wrote:
I get the impression that Shiny Bikes is run by one bloke out of his shed.
It took me a week to get through to them on the phone when my order didn't come through immediately and then it was missing a piece. I got everything in the end but I'm not sure that the hassle was worth the £25 I saved by using them.

I guess we can come up with a simple formula:
cheap not always best + phone to check stock + if not sure read a few reviews = better customer experience
and don't add Shiny Bikes to your list

posted by Wingit [4 posts]
2nd July 2014 - 19:24


Hi I am new here but I wish that I had read all of what is being said about Shiny bikes. How can they take your money and not deliver the goods, I have been waiting more than 10 days now, they must be delivering mine by bicycle.
I did turn to trading standards but they aren't much help either, what do I do now.
Eric Angry

posted by ericzed [2 posts]
16th July 2014 - 20:22

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Just had a similar experience.
I used to use Shiny Bikes a few years ago for tyres and tubes and never had an issue.
This time I ordered a 105 groupset from them, not because they were cheapest but because I wanted the 52/36 chaiset option and they seemed to be the only ones who had it in stock.
What a mistake that was!!! The problem with them is as already mentioned above, they do not state if an item is out of stock so it appears that it is in stock.
So I paid and I waited. After week or so I emailed them to ask where it was.
No reply. So I gave it another week and then called them up.
I was told that it must have been a mix up and that they had the item in stock and would send it out today. I asked if they would email to confirm dispatch and was told they would.
No email.
To give the benefit of the doubt I left it another week and then called again.
I was told it was out of stock but should be in later this week and would be dispatched as soon as it came in.
Once again I gave them the benefit of the doubt but a week later still nothing.
I called again and asked for a refund, they said no problem and I asked them to email confirmation.
No email.
3 days later I called again and politely asked them to do the right thing and to please refund my money. To their credit they did refund it in full on this occasion via Worldpay.

I think they are probably above board and certainly not crooks but probably very disorganised and customer service is very poor.

I will certainly never use them again!

posted by OnTheRopes [145 posts]
10th October 2014 - 12:35

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I've bought a few parts from Shiny Bikes and had mixed experiences. First couple of items back in 2011 were delivered on time, one I had to return and got my refund without problems.

Recently I ordered a BB tool and another part. These were delivered on time, but the BB tool was a completely different model. So I emailed, and nothing. Meanwhile I bought the right one from a different online shop. Then a few days later I phoned, an apologetic chap said to return the BB tool for a refund, so I did that. But then the refund didn't include my cost of postage for returning the wrong item! I will never use Shiny Bikes again.

Go with an established online shop, where the people know what they're doing. I've never had problems like these with Wiggle, Ribble, CRC, HighOnBikes, Winstanley, AlwaysRiding, Merlin, Hargroves, SJS, CycleSportsUK, Planet-X, JE James, SigmaSport, Canyon, Bike24, Evans, Slane or loads of others. And if they have ever sent the wrong thing, they go out of their way to sort it.

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posted by drmatthewhardy [562 posts]
11th October 2014 - 11:06


I read this post after having already clicked pay!!!! So I called shinybikes and spoke to a rather flustered fella who sounded like he was in over his head, my heart sunk and I thought ok that's that then!! However he was very helpful, he said the item was in stock (27.2mm seat pin) and that it had been shipped and i should have it by Monday (Today) and,,,,,,, it arrived 10 mins ago and was as required. But after reading all the above, I won't be going through them again, even though the chap I spoke to seemed genuine.

posted by Cyclist [307 posts]
13th October 2014 - 9:28