Velomann computers

by Super Domestique   April 30, 2012  

Anyone tried them?

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i've got the altitute one (can't remember the model number V1.20a, i think). Essentially pretty good, loads of info - all the usual stuff plus temperature, % gradient, altitude, total amount of climbing. Easy to use, good display. They can behave a bit oddly sometimes like today i nudged it on to the ride time and my current speed stayed at 50mph (which wasn't right!). Sometimes i don't trust the climbing data - once it said i was climbing a 70% gradient. But on the whole it usually works well and it is more interesting having different data and stats to look at.

posted by matt637 [52 posts]
30th April 2012 - 20:27


Thanks for the feedback. You seem to get plenty of features in the price.

posted by Super Domestique [1680 posts]
1st May 2012 - 16:42