Anyone else really enjoyed it?

I had never watched it before but it had some great moments.


veseunr [262 posts] 6 years ago

Surprised about how blantant the commentators comments were about the winner and speculating whether he is clean. Bringing "the game into disrepute"?!

Loved the terrain and views.

Gkam84 [9119 posts] 6 years ago

I enjoy watching any cycling, but not this tour, In most other tours, teams work together to close breaks down and help each other if its to their own advantage, not this one, it was a continental team, so no-one was helping, kind of spoiled the race.

My highlight was Keisse i think it was, going on the charge right at the end of stage 7, getting a 40 odd second gap within the last 10 km, final corner he took tight, went down, he got back up, no panic, got back on, his chain was off, still no panic, jumped back off, sorted the chain, gave it beans to get up to speed and just held off the bunch sprint

Super Domestique [1621 posts] 6 years ago

The Keisse moment was one of the highlights, along with Carlton's commentary at that point!

As for the bigger teams not helping, maybe they had the same suspicions!  3

The photo finish was a good stage too.

The views were indeed stunning.

I was following tour of romandie too which seemed dead in comparison IMHO.

Dawnhopper30 [2 posts] 6 years ago

i enjoyed this race. i cannot understand why the teams were ganging up on the winner (overall) he did nothing wrong he just went a up a hill faster then the rest... i loved Keisses win that made my day after his intrview in procycling last yr. i really like the smaller 5 day races with poland and enco tour being my fav....

i am new to cycling so go easy if i have upset anyone with my lack of cycling.....

Farky [183 posts] 6 years ago

Love this race. It's a proper old skool race for sprinters but they have tried to add to its appeal with the addition of the mountain stage with that completely nuts gradient climb.

We all hope the winner is clean and give him the benefit of the doubt but in this day and age, a team with zero requirements for testing producing such an awesome display of power from one single rider who has raced in the higher ranking teams in the past with limited success, will always raise suspicions. Discussing it on air during the race as part of its commentary however, was not the time and place. Poor show.

This country has a lot more to offer than just racing around the main tourism destinations from one end of the country to another. Add in another proper mountain stage with a town finish along with the crazy mountain finish and theyve got a great stage race and tester for Giro and Cal.

They've improved a lot on the quality of race staff including Moto riders and policing but they will also have to continue improving so not to fall foul like Korea did. I seen some really bad Moto Pilot riding and drivers taking risks too. Policing has the same level of support as the TdF which few countries can offer and they showed their presence but they need a better police escort to back them up and wake up the statics who on occasion, where caught short at junctions.

As a country, I reckon Turkey has more to offer cycling than anyone realises, holiday destination, tour companies, training camps and endless quiet roads and mountain paths. It's both on and off road able with only DH facilities being limited.

Next up, WC XC round and Enduro?