Upgrade Boardman Team Carbon to Shimano Dura Ace C35 ?

by kupepe   April 29, 2012  


I own a Boardman Team Carbon with its standard equipment. I have been taking part in some amateur races this season and based on the time I have to train during the week I am in the top half of the participants. However I cannot seem to break into the top of first half of the finishers. Since I cannot pull more hours of training, since my weekly schedule is that of a normal working person and my amateur mindset cant go deeper in training styles do you think that investing in a pair of second hand Shimanos Dura Ace C35 would have a substantial impact in my riding? Do you think that wearing that type of wheels in a bike like mine is ok? All reviews say that it is a great frame and I truly believe that it does make me a better rider than I truly am, but is it worth it to buy such a set for this frame and keep them for my next frame if I am determined to pay for a frame upgrade?


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Why not?

Keep them as race wheels only, and only put them on just before you race, they may add a kick to your speed.

Or invest in a coach, and they'll tell you what to do with the little time you have.

Other cheap areas to get immediate gain are:
Tyres and Tubes;
Shoe and Pedal System;

In all honesty, you really can't expect to ride fast if you don't train fast, that's just logic.

Whatever training you do, just do it faster Smile

Sir Velo

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posted by Raleigh [1734 posts]
29th April 2012 - 17:59

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i just picked up some vision trimax 30mm from planet x - £249.00 . stunning! so light as well. complete rear wheel 1400g (ultremo r1 / michelin featherlight tube/ 11-28 ultegra 6700 cassete) front wheel 895g (same tyre tube combo)replaced ultegra 6700 wheels which felt good anyway but the visions fly along, a regular 6 mile route to a ride start, virtually no traffic lights etc, normally average 16mph to get there, got there on the last 2 occasions with 17 and 17.2 average. might be a coincidence but the wheels feel fast up to speed and super stable on the flat. oh and they look seeexy

posted by russyparkin [578 posts]
29th April 2012 - 19:40

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