hi all
i have a cube attempt with mavic aksium wheelset with conti tyres looking to upgrade wheels and tyres what would be next level up looking at fulcrum 5 or 7 looking for wheels that are a little lighter and roll a bit better doin 60 80k spins and want a better quality set up also any seat advice standard cube seat like a plank my ass hurts after maybe 25k position etc is iam told correct bit confused by which make and type to go for any advice on either would be much appreciated./


jimmo62 [55 posts] 5 years ago

I've used Fulcrum 5s for a few years now and they are really pretty good - never needed straightening and spin up nicely but tyres are a really tight fit. Possible slight weakness in the freewheel springs but very easy to replace.

I also have Mavic Ksyrium Elites as "best" wheels and they are fantastic if you can stretch the budget, they transformed my bike.

jonomc4 [24 posts] 5 years ago

+1 for Mavic Ksyrium Elites

or if budget is tighter - I like the Mavic Ksyrium Equipe. Light enough but not ultra light at 1680g - but most imprtanly - good hard wearing rim and cartridge bearings (£10 to replace - not a whole new wheel and less maintainence. They spin up well and behave in cross winds.

As for seat - I had a nightmare with these! first bit of advice is definately get you backside (well sit bones) checked for size. Go to a store where they have demo saddles if possible and you have time.

I went for the selle smp stratos in the end - expensive for what it is but well made and it ended my ass pain problem. and apparently your sex life will suffer less (I dunno).

I put a review on my blog - http://ukmambo.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/selle-smp-stratos-saddle-review.html

worth a read if your interested.