Hi Guys and Girls,

Just under 2 weeks to go until the LongLeg Sportive - 6th May. A great way to spend the bank holiday sunday morning!
Not another ride around the Surrey Hills! Well yes, but after last year's reviews we know this one will be a bit different. No Box Hill and no White Down for starters.
Last maximum gradient reading we did on one of the "other hills" was 24%...It was 24% last month too. Funny that.
2 distances on offer.
Lots of fresh smooooth tarmac too - although the tarmac on that other hill has seen better days..a clue?
2 Feedstations loaded with locally made cake (my aunt) plus GU energy for all of you who like rocket fuel!
Free BBQ at the end.

Have a look at http://www.gbsportive.co.uk for more info and info on the Arrow Sportive too...which makes the LongLeg a nice flat ride...