Neck/Trapezius Pain

by Sadly Biggins   April 23, 2012  

Hi all, I've been increasing my mileage recently and have noticed that the area at the bottom of my neck/trapezius muscles gets quite tight and painful for the last hour or so of the ride. I guess this is partly a result of increasing mileage from low 30s into the 60s and 80s and so will presumably settle down as I get more used to the distance, but does anyone have any top tips or am I doing something wrong? For info, my bike is a Cube Agree and fit is fine. I switch position fairly regularly between tops, hoods and drops. Thanks.

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Do you stretch much post ride? The vertebra in between the shoulder blades often need to loosen up in most people. I'm 40 and I'm aware I've a definite lack of flexibility there. Try curving your spin in the opposite direction to being in a tuck. The Stretching book by Bob Anderson is good

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posted by zzgavin [208 posts]
23rd April 2012 - 14:39


Thanks zzgavin - I'll try your suggestions. I meant to mention in my original post that after each ride I use a foam roller on legs, back and neck, have a good stretch and then a hot bath. This definitely helps a lot and there is no sign of any pain today after riding yesterday. I also try a bit of stretching when on the bike but it's not particularly effective (and looks stupid too).

posted by Sadly Biggins [271 posts]
23rd April 2012 - 16:35