Dont get me wrong i am in love with Strava and my Garmin but i think the Heartrate monitor strap is a cheap looking thing.Has anyone found a better strap that works.Can sigma- polar ones be used because i have one of each and they are much better quality.I did try the polar but the Garmin just said 240bpm all the time.Is there a code that can be put into the Garmin to par it up?


CarbonBreaker [86 posts] 6 years ago

I have used the Polar soft strap with my 800, no problems. You of course need to use the Garmin "pod" though, it read fine all the time.

I personally prefer the Garmin soft strap, in my experience you just have to be careful when washing them as they can deteriorate over time, the resistance breaks down, leaving you with a dud, this is true for all brands I have tried though, except the old plastic Polar straps.

Just rinse them gently, and hang to dry, try not to screw them up for storage or anything like that.

If you still have problems getting readings, do make sure both your skin and the strap's electrodes are well wetted before starting.

For more tips, DCRainmakers blog is the place to go...