Travel it is elementary school travel life of the working side of a seed buried in the hearts, when the fantasy side, but this is just a thought for me when nothing more, and pretty soon they forget. Today, I shot up the idea, just remember, it was a childhood I had the dream. Can not help but have a trace of warmth, I have not changed it.

Parental love, my parents, is far from assured, I spent half a year while working to persuade them to side. Just come out, they rest assured that very day a phone, but a week turned into three days after a phone call, now almost call them, have been relieved. In fact, the parents are not so difficult to exchange, as long as the intention is to understand each other.

Along the way, many people have asked me out what are the reasons, this problem also plagued me. With this in mind, but also asked why they want to see arts and crafts? Want to look at the various parts of the tea? Just look at the scenery? Looking for something? Taste the food? Or to experience life? Exercise their own independence? A lot of question marks, is or is not. May just be like, only to come up with come.

Out in November last year, is the train car backpack trip to Guangzhou feel bicycle travel may be more suitable. The train car, then tolls too expensive, there are many parts of the car is very complex, as well as the package is heavy ... the words of cycling has been on the road, living can also be in town, relatively cheap.

Bought a car and then bought some equipment, spent seventeen hundred for me is a big number. So stay in Guangzhou for two months work. Amount, it is quite unfortunate that arrived in Guangzhou when the phone was stolen, now is the only phone to send text messages phone, you can not update ... looking for promotional work, although it is promotional, in fact, is the porter do not like the Vanguard. Rent transport food already try to save, or two thousand, not much money for the journey, but should be able to hold to Lijiang , Lijiang and then to work.

Oh, a little Hello. Generally speaking, I work travel, no money for the journey to make, so the process is very slow. I was a General than ordinary people, sports, school winter morning exercise, others are run three times, I only ran two laps, as too slow. Skills, working only to find a salesperson and the like, the brain was less likely to turn and encounter stranger shy, sometimes a little nervous ... but even so, you can still out. Amount of really Hello ...

Target roughly Guangzhou - Guangxi - Yunnan - Tibet - Xinjiang - Inner Mongolia - Heilongjiang - Jilin - Liaoning - Hebei - Shandong - Jiangsu Changzhou . Yunnan to work, the Heilongjiang want to work, Hebei want to work. However, these are just plans, subject to change. I am also more casual, the road may have to ride, will take the train car, transport limitation. Along the way, uncertain change course, and may be delicious, may be locals simplicity, you may encounter like craft want to learn, you may want to lazy rest, maybe like a small town would like to be some time itinerary uncertain. To Yunnan, home to Jilin home, you may go home tomorrow, the end time limitation. Along the way, cheap does not necessarily live hotel network, so the update time is uncertain. (Ah ... really no regulations did away from the girl it)  22