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by waxenjackson   April 15, 2012  

Hi Wise Ones!

I'm sure the subject of Audax bikes must have come up on the forums before but as bikes change so much on a year to year basis I'm sure the answers would probably change too.

I'm looking for any advice on choosing a suitable Audax bike for around the £1000 price mark. All the obvious things need to apply like decent components and reliability but I feel a steel frame and comfortable riding position is probably most important for me.

I've got it into my head to do a particular 1200km event in France in 2015 and know I'd have to start building the fitness levels with immediate effect to stand any chance!

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.


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For a bit more cash, you could look at something new like a Condor Fratello.

If you spec it carefully it'd come in around the £1,300-£1,400 mark, but at the heart of the bike you're getting a cracking steel frame with a carbon fork, and it'll be incredibly versatile. 23s and no guards for blatting around or stick a Carradice saddlebag and full mudguards on it to bring it into a more Audax trim.

Might be worth digging around to see if you can pick one up second hand.

posted by thereandbackagain [159 posts]
15th April 2012 - 20:50


you might want to hang around for the review of the £1,249 Jamis Quest too, going up next week...

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7855 posts]
15th April 2012 - 21:05


not really paying attention, am i?

Big Grin

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7855 posts]
15th April 2012 - 21:19


Thanks for your suggestions. Like the look of the Jamis Quest. I think I'll also try out the Genesis Equilibrium 20 too.

Cheers, Ryan

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posted by waxenjackson [10 posts]
16th April 2012 - 14:02


If you want a build it yourself option, I am enjoying my singular osprey. See road cc for a review. I built a LTD edition for about 1400 but the standard frames have been reduced in price now.

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18th April 2012 - 17:40

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Thanks singlespeedan. Hadn't thought about building one myself. Will look into that too.

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posted by waxenjackson [10 posts]
20th April 2012 - 20:33