Horrible noise (when standing)

by redbeard497   April 13, 2012  


I'm having a problem on my 6 month old Trek 1.2 2011 Triple. When standing and putting the least bit of power in the pedals, there is a pretty loud "cracking"/"clicking" noise coming from the crank area. Well, it started out as a click, now it's worse. I does not usually happen when sitting, however I heard it once when going uphill, sitting, in a big gear.

I suppose the obvious thing would be a broken bottom bracket, but since I don't have the tool (or expertise) to remove it myself, is there anything else I could try before going to the LBS?

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Just a few quick checks.
a. Check pedals are tight to the crank arms.
b. Check chainring bolts to the cranks tight (the ones that go through the cranks/chainring front gears.
c. Check crank arm(s) to axle are tight.
Let us know if all these are tight/secure first off.

Regards and hope this helps.

Trikeman. Wink

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posted by trikeman [357 posts]
13th April 2012 - 11:27

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I had a similar experience recently, checked all sorts of things including the things that Trikeman suggested. I ended up taking it to lbs and they checked the bb, but it was the chainring bolts in my case. Also worth checking the seat post and saddle clamp, even if it doesn't occur when standing. A blob of grease doesn't hurt
Lastly this is pretty helpful - http://www.jimlangley.net/wrench/keepitquiet.html

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posted by zzgavin [208 posts]
13th April 2012 - 11:50

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could be a loose spoke too

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posted by TheHatter [810 posts]
13th April 2012 - 13:15

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TheHatter wrote:
could be a loose spoke too

I have just cured the most annoying creaking, clanking, I'm sure something has cracked type noise by putting a drop of lube on either end of all the spokes.

Although the creaking sounds like it's coming from the cranks, sounds travel in strange ways on bikes so it could be something else.


posted by robert.brady [146 posts]
13th April 2012 - 18:49

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Creaking and cracking will be the bottom bracket area normally neglected by manufacturers with fitting cheap sealed units (out of sight out of mind). Remove the chain off the chainset (onto the frame) does this still spin nice and smooth/silently? Maybe worth stripping this out of the frame and re-grease both frame and BB threads. Also worth applying a little grease to both pedal threads before fitting back into each crank arm.

posted by Roberj4 [192 posts]
17th April 2012 - 15:57

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grit in the bb area, take it out put plenty of good crease in it and that will sort your problem.

posted by Lost faith in t... [119 posts]
17th April 2012 - 17:48

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Check your chain for any cracks int he side plates. I have had two KMC ten speed chains go and the symptoms were very slightly dodgy shifting and occasional cracking noises when standing (i.e. putting alot of power through the transmission)

posted by Chris James [182 posts]
19th April 2012 - 9:40

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