Help with Bryton Rider 50 GPS

by mtnaeba   April 11, 2012  

Just bought a Bryton Rider 50 GPS but having real trouble with the mapping functions.

Before I installed the HD Maps UK & Ireland CD onto the internal memory card I could see place names and major roads around London when I zoomed out. After installation, now I can see road names zoomed in but when I zoom out more than two clicks I just get blank landscapes with no place or city names.

Really frustrating as have spent hours farting around to no avail and should be out on my bike. Any ideas?

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Had a similar problem with mine (couldn't get any roads at all in fact) and, in the end, I took off all the maps and put them back on again and that did the trick.
Also watch out for the mount, mine broke the last time I went out and the GPS ended up on the road with a car fast approaching it.
Still cheaper than a Garmin though.

posted by Spofferoonie [20 posts]
11th April 2012 - 14:08

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Not just me then. That was my next plan of action - just to wipe it and start again. Takes a bit of working out doesn't it. Thanks Smile

posted by mtnaeba [7 posts]
11th April 2012 - 15:10

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