Just bought a Bryton Rider 50 GPS but having real trouble with the mapping functions.

Before I installed the HD Maps UK & Ireland CD onto the internal memory card I could see place names and major roads around London when I zoomed out. After installation, now I can see road names zoomed in but when I zoom out more than two clicks I just get blank landscapes with no place or city names.

Really frustrating as have spent hours farting around to no avail and should be out on my bike. Any ideas?


Spofferoonie [45 posts] 5 years ago

Had a similar problem with mine (couldn't get any roads at all in fact) and, in the end, I took off all the maps and put them back on again and that did the trick.
Also watch out for the mount, mine broke the last time I went out and the GPS ended up on the road with a car fast approaching it.
Still cheaper than a Garmin though.

mtnaeba [5 posts] 5 years ago

Not just me then. That was my next plan of action - just to wipe it and start again. Takes a bit of working out doesn't it. Thanks  1