Repairing Paint Chips on Alu Frame

by mad_scot_rider   April 9, 2012  

Hi looking for some advice on best ways to repair paint chips

I hope this topic hasn't been covered before - if so please feel free to post a derisory comment as long as you also link the old thread Big Grin

My lovely new Fuji road bike has only 2 weeks and about 350 miles on it - and there are already 2 chips in the silver paintwork

I suspect these were caused by manufacturing issues as one is right on a weld - but annoying nevertheless

Can anyone advise of products or methods for making a permanent and good looking repair to these - with it being Alu I'm not worried about rust, but more preventing the chips from enlarging and of course the look of my shiny new steed Cool

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To fill the chips I recommend Araldite (not the 5 minute version) mixed with fuller's earth as a thixotropic filler. However, even after judicious application of wet'n'dry, that's only ever going to get the surface smooth. In order to completely mask the offending ding you will either need to have a good match for the existing colour or think about overpainting, perhaps with hoops.

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posted by Manglier [65 posts]
10th April 2012 - 11:31

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Can't recommend anything to fill the chip but to cover the chip with a colour I just use nail varnish. It's hard wearing (just look at what women do with their fingers Big Grin ) and there are thousands of different colours readily available and at affordable prices.

The only issue you might have would be some shops might object to you taking your bike inside to compare colour scales Wink

posted by Marauder [235 posts]
10th April 2012 - 15:40

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nail varnish is the one

posted by russyparkin [550 posts]
10th April 2012 - 21:32

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Thanks for the tip on the nail varnish - luckily I have a 17 year old daughter - time to raid the makeup box!

posted by mad_scot_rider [518 posts]
12th April 2012 - 8:41

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car touch up paint is another alternative although it's difficult to get an exact match just trying to use the colour on the lid alone. Still, if it's silver then it shouldn't be a problem

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posted by joemmo [696 posts]
12th April 2012 - 12:43

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Hi, I would go along with Joemmo. I have always picked up a ready mixed touch up pot from my local auto body shop suppliers.
I go for the ride and show the guy there the bike which he uses a colour chart and matches what I want almost perfect. The little pots cost £2.20 each and the paint is self hardening basecoat/laquer finish. Great for 'dotting on'.
There will probably be one of these auto shops on your nearest Ind estate.
Hope it helps.

Trikeman. Wink

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posted by trikeman [346 posts]
12th April 2012 - 13:08

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Another vote for car touch up paint, if you sort of blob it into the chip it fills as well as paints.

If you're going to raid your daughters make-up I'd mention it to her first, you don't want that awkward "Dad, what are you doing ?" conversation

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posted by colinth [166 posts]
13th April 2012 - 8:06

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colinth wrote:
"Dad, what are you doing ?"

What? I'm not allowed to feel pretty every now and again?

posted by mad_scot_rider [518 posts]
13th April 2012 - 9:01

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put a sticker on it. My bike's mostly stickers now.

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing..."

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posted by Cooks [468 posts]
13th April 2012 - 21:59

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