I recently had my chainring replaced to comply with Youth gear restrictions, to a 110 bcd, 42t Stronglight.

Today though, cycling up a hill, I heard some tinkling on the road but dismissed it, then as I laid down my UNBELIEVABLE RAW POWER, the chain came off.

So, I pulled off to the side of the road to put it back on, but noticed that all the chainring bolts had come off, that the big chainring wasn't round again, and that the front derailleur was all crapped up, bent and twisty.

Obviously, my dad picked me up, which was a little annoying as I was half way through my ride, just about to get on a good tailwind and get some KOMs on Strava.

So, that leaves me with the question; How on earth did this come about?

1). The guy at the bike shop didn't put nut on when he reinstalled the chainring, and they were held on by tension for a while, falling off one by one until the ring collapsed.

2). Carrying the bike on the roof over long distances had vibrated the bolts loose.

3). Sudden failure, they just randomly came undone.


Just thought that I'd tell you.  1 1


Raleigh [1667 posts] 6 years ago

Photo. May or may not work. It basically looks like one of those wonky chainrings that Wiggins uses, but the bolt holes aren't parallel.

dave atkinson [6360 posts] 6 years ago

they probably weren't done up tight enough. they work loose pretty easily if they're not tight.