Hello, I am planning to buy my first road bike and i cannot decide weather to get the Canyon roadlite 6 or the Giant Defy 1. Both 2012 models.

I can get the giant for around 900 quid or less and i will be able to try sizes in person. I can get a new set of 105 brakes that comes with the old external cable 105 (don't know if they are any different to current ones) for cheap from a friend, which i can replace the tektro ones with. I just don't really like the fact that it has own branded wheels, tires and finishing kit.

On the other hand, the canyon's current price is at 913 pounds including shipping i think. But has all the things i like:
full 105; full Ritchey finishing kit, Aksiums, GP 4000s(what i will replace the giant tires with), and a Salle Italia saddle.
But i just won't be able to try out sizes.

I am currently borrowing a friend's spesh Allez(2010 maybe) sized 52 which is fitting me great.

So, dilemmas. Please help with the decision.


GBoarder [6 posts] 6 years ago

Might not help much - but I'm also looking at a few bikes including a Canyon - seem very good for the price and spec.

Mailed them today regarding sizing did not really get a direct answer but I did get the following:

In the end if you're unhappy when the bike arrives Canyon’s 30 day money back guarantee means that, providing the bike has not been used for more than a test ride on a clean, dry surface, we can offer an exchange or full refund anytime during the first 30 days after delivery of the goods. Full right of revocation terms are available on the following page: http://www.canyon.com/_uk/terms_conditions.html


My question was more to do with Size as on Canyon's site I'm a XS/50 but on Pinarello 54.

So no further with my pondering....

Good luck and I will follow the post out of interest.