Here is for sale the Swagman XP 2-Bike Spare Wheel Mount Rack. It was imported from the US last year, where it seems to be the most popular option for SUVs. It was used to carry one or two full suspension mountain bikes on a Rav4 and has served us well. It is very versatile and can be oriented on the spare tyre lugs in the straight up position or at 45 degree angle left or right to centre your bikes behind the vehicle. Also the attachments that hold the bikes can be adjusted, so for example we had one as shown on the photo and the other one almost vertically so that it held the seatpost instead of the bike frame. It was worth the hassle importing it as it is much sturdier than the ones that mount around the spare wheel instead of the wheel base. The bikes always felt as if they were part of the car and it offered unrestricted access to the boot/luggage area, since we could use the back door as usual even with two bikes on the rack. It also comes with keys and built-in locking mechanism so that you can secure the bikes on the rack (see photo). With a padlock that isn't provided the rack can be locked on its base, which lies behind the spare wheel (you only put it there once and leave it there regardless if the rack is on the car or not), which means that you can lock the bikes and the rack on the car securely; however we only used this feature when out to eat after a bike ride, as the bikes and the rack always stayed inside overnight. Now our Rav is gone so we’re selling the rack. It is designed to fit cars with the spare wheel on the back door, such as Rav4s and Honda CRVs. Note that we’ve been using it on the previous Rav4 model and that the current Rav4 requires a backing plate which can be purchased from Swagman. Collection from Fareham/Gosport is preferred but we may be able to deliver within south Hampshire for a small fee. For more details on the product visit the official Swagman webpage http://www.swagman.net/products/tire-mount-and-pick-up/xp/

Price is £79.