I am looking for some new wheels, I have a budget of £650 - £1000. I would prefer second hand carbon im not looking for deep dish maybe 30mm at the max. Also got to be lightweight 1500 gramsish. Also Shimano clinchers?

Any recommendations or know anyone with a decent pair going cheap??


Adam Buckland_ASD [26 posts] 6 years ago

Ready for a shameless plug; I work for the distributor for Soul Wheels who make their S3.0, it has a 30mm alu clincher rim that retails for £575.00 and weighs only 1,400g a pair. The below link is to Road.cc's review of the S2.0 (I think it's the only time Road.cc have awarded 4.5 stars to a wheelset). the S2.0 has a slightly lower profile rim but the same hub and the review will give you an idea for the build quality. Soul also make full carbon clinchers, the lowest profile model is the C5.0 at 50mm as recently reveiwed in Cycling Weekly and these weigh less than 1,500g and retail for £1,125.00. If you'd like more info about arranging a demo and our dealers please drop us a line at sales [at] asd.uk.com



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Simon E [3300 posts] 6 years ago

Plenty of choice I'd be tempted by one of these:

American Classic 420 Aero 3? Popular in my club, ~1550g.

Shimano RS80 C24 - usual Shimano quality and light. Dura-Ace 24mm will be more expensive but not sure how much better/lighter they'd be.

Don't forget some really good tyres.