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We're always on about how dangerous trucks and lorries can be,



A new competition unites cyclists and truckers to prevent road deaths; April witnesses the hunt for new hazard symbol warning road users of the dangerous lorry risk zone.

The InTANDEM Road Safety Competition launches after fatal or serious injury cycle casualties increased beyond the 2,500 mark; 20 percent of cycle accidents in the capital involve Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV).[1]

The new initiative encourages road users to work in tandem to maximise road safety, as both drivers and cyclists are encouraged to enter designs. Robert Smalley, Chief Driving Examiner for RosPA and InTANDEM judge said “I think this is an excellent initiative to highlight the extreme care necessary to avoid collisions between lorries and cyclists.”

The hazard symbol will combat a common accident which occurs whilst turning left at a junction; cyclists are in danger of being crushed against the wheels of a large vehicle, if the driver cannot see the cyclist on their nearside. The new sign will advocate that extra care is needed when passing a large vehicle on the nearside.

Courtesy London Cycling Campaign
Jenny Tipping, aUKtrucker is an enthusiastic supporter of the campaign, “Truckers and cyclists both have a responsibility to learn how to look at the road from each other’s viewpoint.”

Jeffrey Atkinson, one of the 17,000 cycle casualties last year, carries a unique perspective as a former lorry driver turned daily cycle commuter. He added “any initiative that encouraged dual action from both parties was a good thing.”

Robert Smalley will also be joined by judges Subash Ludhra, president of IOSH, managing director Gary Harringman, Studio Harringman and PR specialist Amanda Jackson, Tigerfish PR. The competition will also be backed with an online campaign to provide better education to road users on minimising HGV-related risks.

Supported by How’s My Driving?, the UK’s first driving feedback service, the winning entrant will receive £1000 for the most creative design. More details can be found on the competition’s website www.intandemcompetition.com, the Facebook page www.facebook.com/InTANDEMComp or Twitter @InTANDEMComp.