I,ve got an Ellis Briggs columbus steel road bike circa 1980 in cherry metallic with chrome forks and stays. After much polishing it looks superb although has lots of marks from use.

I thought i would use for commuting but fast as it is i prefer my mountain bike.

I've spent at least £200 getting it road worthy
New sprockets
8spd cassette
Rear mech
All these are Tourney/Sora spech
New Shimano R550 wheels with Schwalbe Marathon tyres
Original Campagnola seatpost off Ebay as i had to cut the old one out.

The bikes original spec is all good quality Campag/Shimano/Cinelli/Stronglite with Shimano 600/Mavic GP4 rims.

So the question is do i remove the new low spec parts and sell these seperately. Offering the bike for sale with the original wheels minus a chain/sprockets and cassette or sell it as the cool commuter it is and sell the sprint wheels ?



Shaun Audane [137 posts] 8 years ago

In my opinion you'd be better served selling it with the original classic parts and marketing it as a classic/collector's mount. Older parts can still be sourced- I for one run machines with new six speed freewheels (higher end stuff as it's hard to find mid range these days). Worthy as the modern parts are they'd be what I'd pop on a relatively modern winter/trainer so I'd sell those seperately and plough the money into something else.

Shaun Audane [137 posts] 8 years ago

Out of curiosity,how large is the frame and how much were you asking?