Giant tcr composite 3

by wors   March 25, 2012  

Hi, does anybody have the above bike? Just wanted opinions on how it rides and all day comfort really? Thanks in advance

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posted by wors [44 posts]
26th March 2012 - 19:26


Think it's this that a lad on the club run has. It only surfaced last week when the sun came out. He loves it, but i can't tell you much more than that.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice...

posted by notfastenough [3704 posts]
26th March 2012 - 20:45


yes I have got one and really like it. Bit unsure as I use Campag gear and this came with Shims but no regrets!

Comfy and twitchy enough to avoid the potholes.....

posted by neilm [1 posts]
15th April 2012 - 19:29


I have a Giant TCR C (the 3 refers to the components used; 0 or 1 being best components. C for composite) mine was built up from a frame with Shimano Ultegra components. It is a great bike; have covered a fair few miles with no complaints. It feels good and tight I would definately recomend.

posted by SideBurn [912 posts]
16th April 2012 - 10:59


I bought the TCR Comp 2 to replace my current Alum bike in Jan after hearing so many good things about Giants and TCR's. Had looked at the similar priced Focus, Spesh, Trek etc but couldnt hand over my cash quick enough once I seen the Giant in the flesh. So far managed a couple of outings on it a few weeks back over the North Yorkshire Moors, one 80 mile very hilly and the other a 85 mile flatish and quick. All I can say is what a bike! Light, fast, climbs brilliant, comfortable, so, so smooth and brilliant Ultegra shifting. The Aero frame looks like it belongs on a bike costing twice the price. Top bike for the money.

posted by vicenzo [5 posts]
19th April 2012 - 22:47


Ideally, you should buy a bike that fits and pleases you, not based on a comment by a stranger on the internet.

Giant churn out reliably excellent bikes year after year but I'd suggest you compare it with Specialized, Trek and other similarly priced models before you decide (on the shop floor, don't just look at spec sheets).

If you want all day comfort why not consider a Defy?

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posted by Simon E [2368 posts]
20th April 2012 - 19:58


Thanks Simon, I'm just after riders opinions, that's all.

posted by wors [44 posts]
25th April 2012 - 22:38