Allright, Ill start up just saying that I am a huge fan of Edvald Boasson Hagen. For me he is the ultimate fighter, and do-it all, and I've written this from that angle!

I bet I wasn't the only one who chewed on my own shoe when Sky dropped all their riders except Lövkvist to help Cavendish. I mean - anyone who has ever ridden a bike in their life could see that Cav was as done as a potato.

EBH is a rider that can beat the worlds best sprinters, he can put the hammer down on the cobbles, put in world class ITT performances, and hell - he can even climb as he showed in Critérium du Dauphiné where Basso (yes you read right) told Eddy he almost "killed him" in the mountains.

The problem (sorry) is that he is on a british team that has a star line up in Cavendish, Wiggo, Thomas etc. Who will get priority in the big races? Well, we've seen the result of that.

So while Edvald says he "felt good" and Cav had a terrible day, cav gets five riders. EBH got one. And even though I think Lövkvist is a splendid rider, he is no master at navigating the peleton.

However, that isn't the first time.If anyone remember Tour de France last year in Liseux Edvald got one man again - Geraint Thomas (what a splendid lead out, though)and he won, yet again. In Volta ao Algarve this year Edvald was allowed to sprint, alone of course. He still won though. When he got the chance in Tirreno-Adriatico he got one man again. He won, of course.

I just think its time for Sky to put some faith into the young Norwegian who seems to spring a "surprise" everytime he wins. A littlebit unfair if you ask me for a man that ranked #11 in the world last year.

So; Team Sky, will he forever be the "good" #2 man, or will he earn a spot among the actual captains (not the, we'll say you are a captain, and pat you on the head for the effort afterwards). Perhaps Sky Professional Racing would actually win a classic or two. I wonder if they have the balls.

Perhaps its better all together for EBH to leave team sky for a team that will actually ride for him WHEN he has a chance. I don't think any rider expects to be the captain all the time (I hope), but come on. This is just tragic to watch.


Tony Farrelly [2911 posts] 5 years ago

Hmm… didn't he realise he was signing for a British team when he took the Sky shilling?

The Cav plan for yesterday seemed a reasonable punt given that he has actually won MSR - even if the wheels did come off somewhat. You'd also have to say that there apparent determination to stick to the plan regardless is also what helped Team GB (SKY + Cav) propel Cavendish to the world title last year.

I do feel sorry for EBH though because he obviously is a class act.

seabass89 [212 posts] 5 years ago

Sorry - the British team comment was more hot air and annoyance than anything else.  7

I think its good that Sky did drop riders to Cav. He is after all the world champion. The worlds fastest sprinter, and a rider who doesen't give up before its over, so he did deserve some help. Though 5 men was a bit excessive when you already have one mighty strong rider in the mix in my opinion.

Team GB though did not have to catch up 1:30 (was it? Give or take) on a peleton that was quite determined to get away from Cavendish. Neither did they have to ride up Poggio at the end either  10

However, thought its starting to look like Sky doesen't really take EBH seriously; he is first and foremost a domestique who can plug some small scalps here and there. It was quite clear that Cav and Team sky was never going to get back up again. I think Sean Kelly said something like "they must be hoping for a miracle."

Though in the end its easy to be "Captain Retrospective" and wear your Norway &/or GB tinted glasses and criticise the tactics from your sofa.

Hopefully both Cav and EBH will get their chances on several occasions this season.

TheHatter [770 posts] 5 years ago

I do agree that EBH looks like the best all round talent that Sky have.

As for Milan San Remo I wouldn't say the world champs are a good comparison as there GB had no plan B whereas EBH was being touted as the other option should it not look like Cav could make the final group.

Raleigh [1667 posts] 5 years ago

Yeah but in the worlds they had to fend off attack after attack from every single other nation.

The reason that there were so few was that the lads were on the front at 'attack' pace for the whole time.

Grant them some respect for that.

EBH's time will come, he'll probably world champ it or even olympics.

As one of the top riders in the world, there are only a handful of teams who can probably even afford him: Sky; a British Superteam, Katusha; a Russian Superteam, and Omega Pharma Quickstep; a Belgian Superteam.

Out of those three, only one has the strength in depth to actually do well in Grand Tours, Sprint Stages, Classics and pretty much every other race on the calendar.

(SKY, not the other two.)

Super Domestique [1619 posts] 5 years ago

There seems to be enough debate on how SKY can provide a team that can support both Cav and Wiggo at the Grand Tours, the TDF in particular.

Not sure EBH stands a chance really.

Gkam84 [9111 posts] 5 years ago

EBH's time will never come under the banner of Sky, with Wiggo and Cav being all they care about, I shall say no more apart from copying my tweet for this morning

How a British team gets tactics right, I hope @TeamSky were watching @TheFifthDriver winning F1, hope EBH can be freed of babysitting Cav